Recent cases of copyright infringement

      infringement play "Huo Yuanjia" final victory

      LETV Mobile Media Technology Co. Ltd. because of unauthorized, online movie "Huo Yuanjia" in their business website music as online play, by the movie "Huo Yuanjia" information network dissemination in Chinese mainland power company to court well-being of people. 2007, the first intermediate people’s Court of Beijing City, the court of final appeal as the company’s compensation for economic losses 110 thousand yuan.

      the court held that, because the music company operators LETV, the website of responsibility, pleasure license company without the well-being of the company, to provide online movies, "Huo Yuanjia" service to the network users in the music online, this behavior has a direct hinder the well-being of the company in the international Internet Movie "Huo Yuanjia", resulting in exercising his right to network dissemination of information of the expected benefits or permit damage to the interests of the consequences, so as to ease the company the company should bear the compensation for economic losses in accordance with the law of tort liability.

      5 film company v. Sohu infringement

      Sohu company without providing the "Lord of the rings" in its website 10 movie download service, Twentieth Century For Film Corporation, Warner Bros. Entertainment Company and other 5 film giants to court. In December 2006, the Beijing first intermediate people’s court sentenced to focus on the case, confirm that all Sohu established in the 5 companies constitute infringement lawsuit, should compensate the 5 movie giant economic losses and reasonable expenses for stopping the infringement, the amount of compensation for a total of more than 1 million 80 thousand yuan.

      the court held that because the 5 film companies did not provide a reasonable way to calculate the amount of compensation, so the court considering the influence of the film, the release schedule and Sohu website scale, tort time, geographic scope, degree of subjective fault and other factors, finally in the statutory compensation limit respectively the discretion to determine compensation the amount awarded 261 thousand yuan, Twentieth Century For Film Corporation, Columbia Pictures Industries Inc awarded 191 thousand yuan, the new production company awarded more than 14 yuan, the Warner Bros. Entertainment Company awarded 241 thousand yuan, Universal City Studios awarded 25 yuan.


" The legend of Condor Hero caused infringement disputes

      because of that its copyrighted television series "infringement The legend of Condor Hero", Beijing Ciwen Film & TV Production Co. Ltd., Beijing Sina Internet Information Service Co., Ltd. to court, August 2007, Beijing Haidian District people’s court accepted the case.


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