Reveal all the details or not to reveal all the details The future of domestic P2P net loan platform


platform should not be for overdue loans bad debts will actually reveal all the details, from the platform is located in what direction to the. From the initial stage of development, and is willing to understand even the majority of the platform to reveal the risks, but are forced to choose to reveal all the details in the early stages of business development, because of the need to establish a sense of trust, but the most simple way is to promise to protect the Lender’s principal revenue.


most veteran from the domestic point of view, that is should not reveal all the details of the. It can be said to reveal whether or not, is actually involved in the domestic development with P2P forms and the future may change the different modes of cognition and attitude, and the resulting differences.

so, from P2P this small micro credit industry itself, since its birth and development in China territory, which form a market dominated? Divided, in fact can be summarized as two kinds: one is the pure intermediary platform nature, is a financial nature.

pure intermediary platform nature of the P2P platform


platform is the starting point to the information intermediary platform, is the only relevant credit transaction information, including loan demand, the borrower’s personal information, the borrower’s credit rating, which is the mainstream views of the majority of domestic third party experts, it is the characteristic of information intermediary, do not assume the risk of loss fallback do not pay interest to borrow against the promise.

in this type of platform, regardless of whether the loan project occurs overdue or bad as a result of the lender’s principal revenue damage, the platform shall not bear the responsibility, do not reveal all the risk and not for the loan interest rate pricing payment commitment. This is different from the existing financial institutions, including insurance, trusts, banks, etc..

but this model is not unfamiliar, we can also see some traditional financial institutions in the role of such a platform has long existed. For example, banks and other sales channels in the relationship between public funds and investors, brokers in the relationship between listed companies and investors. Here is the banks and brokerages play the intermediary role of information on the platform, the sales of products does not reveal all the details of cash income and risk.

of course, the stock market and fund SFC, rigid rules have strict risk and no promised benefits, the P2P lending and borrowing must promise to repay the interest rate is different, but does not prevent the P2P line to this kind of role. On behalf of the more famous, is the domestic P2P platform that does not reveal all the details of the risk and income often mention the "master" — Taking Lending Club as the representative of the United States market P2P.

in the United States, the United States may not understand the market unexpected is, including the Lending Club P2P agency was the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations. We are currently talking about domestic P2P regulation, the main voice is the CBRC and the central bank which intervention, and

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