Watercress play since the media must pay a subscription on-line channel column


days before on-line column channel, but different from the celebrity column, watercress reading experience writing the main column of ordinary people, the so-called "worldly things, wise remark of an experienced person". This is not a self media platform, but it takes the form of paid reading, the author will receive 70% of net income, monthly settlement.

according to the watercress aspects, column content will start the update before and after the Spring Festival, all the three column free, according to the report by reading subsequent pay or pay the entire column, the prices of works by the author, watercress suggests range. The column should be open for at least three months, weekly or no more than two weeks.

read watercress senior product director Dai Qin said: "the column watercress reading have a very clear theme, such as" CPI, the department store a record tying, green salt, how do Steamed Rice daddy. ". We are not in general a "what can be" celebrity columns, on the contrary, we encourage ordinary people to write their own experience in the field, make clear, a subject having substance in speech column." At present, various industries covered watercress reading column style, emotion, culture, food, finance and other fields, in early November to open the application, the launch of the 99 column.

in addition, also launched a series of watercress reading channels, including suspense, reasoning, supernatural, workplace, martial arts, youth and other categories, are taken as the way of reading pay channel column. The serial column has been on the line 85.

not long ago, Baidu on-line from the media platform, Baidu hundred, relying on Baidu advertising alliance system, the return of 100% of the advertising revenue to the author, can be said to do the first step from the media platform to explore profitability. The watercress reading column directly to pay the way to launch, the author at the same time to get the benefits from advertising. But the question is whether the pay rate can guarantee that

at present, watercress reading has been covered by original works, electronic reading, column, serial, and other types of translation, in addition to column and serialized, as of now, there are more than 6 thousand individual authors and publishers in the sale of personal works reading watercress, the author creates the highest monthly sales of more than 30 thousand.

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