Care for the original from the soft SEO market chaos to see where practitioners will go

as a technical personnel, although familiar with the website, also has its own website, but for the platform to grow, I have to continue to explore the SEO optimization knowledge, because the Internet traffic is too important, traffic come from? Many kinds of promotion channels, today said the current situation of marketing channels in SEO soft said.

said before, I think the first statement, this article wants to study the tight to the novice webmaster, because I am non professional SEO staff, also said as a technical personnel will not SEO that you too out, so webmaster must learn!!! There is a reason, just two days before the release of an article on the push net "new 15 day stand up 1 weight of the sharing of experience, people feel a contemptuous disregard, I am also at the bottom of the article describes whether A5 can through the audit, this depends on the mood, I can say no more.

here’s the topic today…

as an occupation webmaster are clear recently Baidu search frequent big action, including the big update algorithm from 6.28 K to August 22nd, died many websites, the author of the recent Baidu algorithm is also very concerned about the trend, followed by some of the masters of learning, as well as their own look and learn, know to do now Baidu SEO the optimization is more and more difficult… Now Baidu love original articles website, I found that it is suitable for web site development. Sometimes I will write the original, released to the webmaster forum, although the quality is not high, not rhetoric, but is a little personal best ability according to the written experience, is the real original, so the general post is Baidu seconds. Under the recommendation of the original release of the ideal forum: A5, DZ community, push 18, push the 28, the webmaster forum… There is a better we can share.

analysis on the current situation of soft Wen: (from two points of analysis: formal soft and personal point of view)

a, regular soft Wen:

normal soft text is usually by professional SEO staff, or pay someone to do product promotion or release the enterprise evaluation of the article, this kind of article use words properly, standardization, wide influence, good effect… Etc. advantage, some recommended soft paper like A5, the article is well, the product or brand to write an evaluation to, then the article added implantable advertising, play a role, once released, is the flow and promotion effect is immediate. That is because the effect is good, can be directly used, some small fry shoplifting, change the title, change the product, change links, even more exasperating is: even the name of the author and copyright links are replaced, you said there is a conscience. The first two days in the A5 released a not very good article, have been taken away directly after a web site, replace the links and the author

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