O2O battle royale! 2016 who can escape the death list

introduction: today, we bring a 2015 series, the most heavy is the most hopeful one. Popular 2015 "death list" is absolutely shocking, but entrepreneurship is so game of life and death, from a close call position in killing road is successful bleeding. When we sigh at the moment of death in 2015, the last thing we can’t miss is the chance to die.

I black Ma Ma Wang Yaqi reported on January 3rd

over the past year, in public entrepreneurship, innovation policy support and capital market frenzy propelled the boom Chinese entrepreneurial market surging.

but with the arrival of the second half of the capital of winter, the death list of the business circle is constantly updated elongated.

look at business, flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum have some similarities: in addition to the economic environment in the capital market tightening, non market just to be able to accurately grasp the financing, node, blindly follow the opponent strategy, the founding team of poor coordination also is the main reason for most enterprise failure.

when more and more enterprises with the purpose of making profits through the tuyere, and the lack of normal commercial competition in the maintenance of market order, entrepreneurs often eat the consequences of mass aesthetic fatigue and homogenization of competition.

but, thankfully, in 2015 there are still many entrepreneurs with faith continued to fight in the competition, and get a good development.

to some extent, entrepreneurship is life "game", from a close call position in killing road is successful bleeding.

death is also the beginning of rebirth. 2015, I dark horse launched a series of deaths reported, however, in 2016, we have to look back at those who fall in the field of countless entrepreneurs, who can be born to death?

2015, who experienced a close call in


life service class

, domestic washing, super distribution, maternal and child care, home appliances market… The life of the community service. Over the past two years, the so-called trillion market has gathered too many to count the entrepreneurs, but the service life of the O2O to do a good job is not easy to imagine.

, for example, had been high hopes for the star enterprise community from the beginning of June 2015 001 in employees pay talks, delivery, emergency management and other storm; for example, despite a strong background in SF do support, SF hey passengers also had no longer scenery…

on the contrary, there are Dmall, love fresh bee, the Austrian home to get a billion financing. The comprehensive property service platform to attract more investment in 360 sectors gangster shot, the color of life, all two platforms.

capital markets for enterprises in this field, differential treatment, partly because the community service market space, the ultimate consumer community business model has not been found, almost no ceiling; on the other hand, the community service involved lead >

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