WordPress platform hosting blog number has reached 70 million

Beijing on April 26th news, according to "the Wall Street journal"’s blog AllThingsD reported that U.S. blog service platform WordPress.com (hereinafter referred to as "Wordpress") parent company Automattic said on Wednesday, the WordPress managed the number of blog sites from 35 million to 70 million a year ago.

Automattic CEO Toni · Schneider (Toni Schneider) and founder Matt · Mullenweg (Matt Mullenweg) said in a AllThingsD interview, at present all large blog sites around the world, nearly half of hosting services provided by WordPress or run its own version in the open source WordPress platform.

and Schneider Mullenweg also revealed that the current Automattic has entered the profitable stage, revenue is expected to reach $45 million this year, the main source of revenue for the registration fee service provided by WordPress, and the "customers" business enterprises to issue at the same time, plus the site recently launched advertising revenue sharing service.

for a long time, the management of Automattic and Schneider Mullenweg actually only two people. In order to adapt to the growth of WordPress business scale, Automattic has recently begun to introduce new executives. As the new chief financial officer (CFO) Stuart · West (Stuart West), he previously served as Us Venture Capital Firm Anderson Horowitz Fund (Andreessen Horowitz) in corporate executives, and has worked in the Wikimedia, Kno, Tivo and InfoSpace, etc..

West will be responsible for all financial and operational matters of WordPress. West said: the current use of WordPress platform, a large number of customers, which gives us tremendous business opportunities." At the same time, Paul · Saimin J Ki (Paul Sieminski) will serve as chief counsel Automattic first.

is different from other start-up companies in Silicon Valley, Automattic is based on open source technology, its employees spread around the world. The company does not even have its own office, but plans to open soon after the headquarters in San Francisco. Automattic does not deliberately pursue the latest technology trends. For example, after the full rise of social networks, WordPress last year, gradually increased its social networking features in its services.

Mullenweg said Automattic is on the increase than other enterprises "social network function matters slow half >

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