Jiang Likun traditional enterprise transformation of the nternet’s ten dead (on)

2013, is a lot of media called electricity supplier year, because in 2013 the electricity supplier companies have been considerable development, harvest full. But in 2013 it was a media called "closed shop", many of the traditional enterprise wide closed shop, shocking, too horrible to look at. Transition to the Internet, many companies have to be regarded as the way to go. But how these companies have tried the transformation effect? Reuters reporter Jiang Likun interviewed Zhang Erdan shenglitun famous big pig, he shed tears of excitement to the author said: "I don’t feel not before the transformation, transformation of the Internet is dead; when I tried after the transformation, the transformation of the Internet is found." Zhang Erdan said many of the voices of traditional enterprises. According to the latest data of a Meteorological Bureau show that over the past decade, the traditional Internet business transformation success rate of less than 5%, as the weather condition of rain and wind on the large hail snow clip.

Internet development up to now, the inevitability of its trend and transformation is discussed, but why many enterprises have failed in the transition road? As a practitioners ten years old, in contact with a large number of enterprises, jianglikun summarizes ten die Internet transformation of traditional enterprises:

, a big strides, killed


have prophetic vision of Gao fushuai enterprises, the transformation of determination of particularly large, particularly large, investment intensity is particularly large. But sometimes the action too is not necessarily good, more investment, may die faster, for example, is regarded as a classic example of the Internet community of Lining, a few years ago the comprehensive transformation of the Internet, the result was badly beaten. For example, I have time lecturing at the Peking University, the scene of a total investment of hundreds of millions of students L made an internet project, results in more than a year later, the site is not on the line, the team has not completed, the person in charge of the team even are not in place, not to mention the team, workflow system and KPI operation etc. improve the system of the. Why? The reason is very simple, the pace is too big to pull eggs, eggs broken, the dream will be broken.

if the traditional enterprise is fishing in the lake, the transition to the Internet is going to sea fishing: although some enterprises have been very successful in traditional areas, at the level of the lake and fishing boat technology has been very excellent, but the lake success does not necessarily copy to the sea. Large investments, means the first to build a large ship, shipbuilding itself is a difficult job, which is why L is always more than a year, the site did not line, team is also not completed; the ship built is only the beginning, then have to master how to drive this huge monster, how safe in the sea voyage, how to catch fish, every job, the difficulty should not be overlooked. In fact, the biggest risk is not the above: if the investment is too large, once the failure, may even turn over the opportunity is gone.

so the traditional enterprise net, do not step steps are not too large, jianglikun suggests small strides: small investment, quick action, try to adjust the wrong.

two, confidence is not firm, scared to death "

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