General manager of easy media mobile platform Kuai grasp mobile marketing, to win a wonderful future

[Reuters] news communication industry in November 26th, jointly organized by AI media consulting group and Tencent application center of the "2011 Chinese first mobile advertising marketing conference held today in Guangzhou, the main significance of this conference is to set up the top brand advertisers and advertising agents between the most direct communication bridge, to provide reference for global brand advertising in 2012 the main advertising budget, in order to promote the entire wireless advertising industry chain on track toward the steady and rapid development. The following is the easy media mobile platform general manager Philip Kuai speech topic is "grasp the mobile marketing, win the future".

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Philip Kuai: Hello! We are doing the Internet started, built one of the largest data platform Chinese in the past few years, on the Internet, we cooperate with the four hundred or five hundred media, in the mobile Internet, we started from last year, we are a couple, we serve more than and 100 advertisers. Today, I would like to share with you some of our experience over the past year, to do some of the experience.

today many experts talk about some development trends in the industry, I also say, why the Internet mobile phone today is very important, because it is very convenient, the time consumption distribution area in the mobile phone, TV, computer three media on the vibration is obvious, the full integration of online mobile phone consumers fragmented time. Mobile applications have penetrated into the daily lives of Internet users, the number of daily use of mobile Internet is increasing.

mobile advertising market A new force suddenly rises. huge potential for future growth, scale, China Mobile advertising market continues to increase, is expected in 2012 will reach 5 billion 520 million yuan, advertisers have been in the mobile Internet advertising budget increase. We can see that in 2009 when the brand mobile advertising budget growth of only 04%, to 1% last year, this year is the number of 3%, which is very significant figures.

in effect, the effect of the transformation of mobile advertising is more prominent, from the United States, the conversion rate and the effect of mobile phone advertising, more than 5.3 times than traditional web advertising, mobile phone users on the mobile ad memory rate is as high as 89%. Easy media every year to do some research, in the beginning of this year, the mobile phone users for mobile phone advertising Chinese high acceptance, 65% mobile phone users will click on the mobile phone advertising, in other words, the mobile phone advertisement is very exclusive, sometimes very interested.

mobile phone as the fifth media provides a good marketing environment, when we go to work, want to pass the time, then use the mobile internet. PC is more in the after work or the rest of the time, after all, the mobile Internet with everyone’s daily life is closely related to the more time you will spend the boring time, so you can look at the Internet, every day you will see Sina, Sina’s home to more than 200 advertising, what it means in? PT full screen advertising, in the past ten years, we have been blind to the plane advertisement, click now

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