Tencent in 2 years have learned the contents of the 15 dry cargo operation

two years ago, I graduated from the National People’s Congress master, accidentally into the mobile Internet industry. After the Tencent, I was in the Department of mobile phone Tencent, when I was not interested in the portal, that our group has done the phone QQ browser push business, I am very happy to participate in.

two years, I saw the number of live users QQ browser more than doubled, I participated in the push DAU also followed more than doubled. The past two years, I have just started to work can not start, the pressure was coming home late at night crying; also the dead of night, a person in the company to see the data, to find a problem or make a progress, excited; also have competitive strategy talked until at the weekend and night walk discuss future feasible scheme. The deepest impression is that our aspirations industry first, in celebration of our toast each other.

look back, all the way to thank. Thanks to this big stage provided by Tencent, for the product itself is good enough, thanks to the team together with the product development, design, editing and other outstanding colleagues, would also like to thank the company, often the first to the last to leave, even if it is the weekend, even late at night, in the thinking of the data itself.

these two days, I have been thinking, looking back over the past 2 years, what I harvest. Finally summed up the 15 dry cargo, 4 of which include pre + to do for the 5 + content operation to use the 3 tools + content operation needs 3 kinds of abilities.

nonsense not to say, we directly into the theme, how to do content operation?

Before the start of

: do a good job requires four preparations

modaobuwukanchaigong. Before the formal operation, need to do five aspects of preparation.


first, the understanding of their products

first need to clear product positioning of their own home is what, what can solve the needs of users, users will use their products in what circumstances, how to position their products in the industry, and what kind of business model. What are the future direction of their products. On the basis of a thorough understanding of these, it is possible to do a better job.

For example,

, I just started to do the QQ browser, QQ browser was positioned at the time of the mobile Internet browser, the main services provided by push, novels, video, search, etc.. As you can see, it is just one of the many services so at that time, our understanding of push is that although we do it push, but we are not suitable for users of mobile phone browser, push too much information content.

later, the positioning of our products began to change, the industry has changed, the browser is in the transformation of personalized recommendation of information readers, we are also on the 6.4 version of the personalized recommendation information online fee>

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