When the copy in hand piece to kill completely routed

first round milk powder

copywriter: this milk powder, imported from the original pot, rich in a variety of trace elements, to promote children’s intellectual development, so that children win at the starting line.

hand piece: I asked a 5 year old girl, you usually eat what milk? She replied, I was eating the milk powder.

copywriter: our milk powder, the monthly sales of 10000 cans.

hand piece: We pasture cows fast to malnutrition.

second round fitness

copy: life lies in sports, fitness and health.

: what is the hand piece not fist can not solve, if any, that is the fist hard enough.

copywriter: no good-looking clothes, only good-looking figure.

hand piece: why do you not just fitness? What trouble too P.

third round mask

copywriter: let you have a baby like skin.

hand piece: please improve psychological ability, are said to be ready to accept cosmetic tattle and prate.

copy: a white cover 100 ugly.

hand piece: want to pack good? At least, your face will be white.

fourth round warm pants

copy: cold, wear a warm pants.

hand piece: friends said, the winter will miss the summer. Miss the summer sun, miss the warmth of summer, if there is any way to change back to the summer how good ah. In fact, there is no way, come on, put on this warm pants.

copy: this warm pants, three-dimensional cutting, the appearance of fashion.

hand piece: this warm pants to wear outside, very cool.

fifth round headset

copywriter: small size, comfortable to wear.

hand piece: once I went to take a bath, wash half the time, I feel in a lump of wax fell out. I went to the ground to see, the original headset.

copy: sound ear, perfect sound.

hand piece: this headset copy how to write? How to write a copy of this headset? The headset. The headset how to write? How to write a copy of the headset? How to write a copy? Yeah, are you deaf.

sixth round snack

copywriter: a nutritious healthy snack.

hand piece: children can eat snacks can?.

: delicious, full of praise.

hand piece: so the adults also eat what snacks? Here, for I eat baby.

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