Taobao businesses prepare for the double eleven to bid farewell to the oversold, explosion

for any Tmall business, the annual double eleven will not be too easy. The peak of the day of the outbreak of the massive orders are testing the ability of the business behind the stocking and delivery speed, where the storage, logistics, ERP supply chain management has become a top priority.

"five will reach" commitment

for this year’s double eleven, Wang Sisi has been tossing nearly six months.

The main person in charge of

for outdoor clothing brands in Columbia electricity supplier operations team, early in the first half, and her team conducted stress tests on the order system, warehousing, logistics and a series of links, to ensure that in the event of mass consumer orders, the whole system to normal operation and access. After a series of layers of argument, they gave the user this year, promised to reach the five day commitment. read more

United States personal credit scoring site $2 million 500 thousand venture capital

                Beijing on November 5th news: according to foreign media reports, the United States to provide a free personal credit tracking and reporting website before the date received $2 million 500 thousand in venture capital.

this site called Credit Karma can help users to understand, track and improve their personal credit score.

so-called credit score, is based on a variety of personal credit documents and credit records after the analysis of the quantitative indicators, indicating the credibility of a person’s credit. Credit credibility is the basic condition of working life in the United states. It is reported that this site data from multiple credit agencies. read more

Do stand persist, even head broken and bleeding

has just stepped into the network I, in the continuous learning, gradually hold hold some small knowledge, these knowledge seems to be so insignificant. Love is the network successful person experience, every time it seems, like reading novels, often feel that these stories do not in themselves, feel more simple and naive in this respect.

every time, their feelings are very deep, but also deeply combined with their own reality, looking for reasons to learn the direction of the development of the network, learning network knowledge. From the first place to stand, to the current small game station, the picture station, all groping learning. Now I feel do stand is a commercial road network development, everyone desperately looking for a IP, see the traffic sources, find a way of network promotion, the importance we are also deeply aware of the flow, and to affect the site’s ranking, ranking as a personal webmaster, few can do, a few can do well. As far as the present situation is concerned, the purpose of doing this is for a noun. The development of entertainment sites, all rely on the support of advertising, as every webmaster are doing the network alliance advertising. read more

This cut the wire, reminds me of Putian Hospital Department of history

what is the significance of entrepreneurship, I think it should be in the pursuit of money and status based on, but also to the community to bring some better things.

, however, the reality of entrepreneurship is often not the case. In the policy advocacy and capital sought after the big environment, many entrepreneurs are only locked in the first half of the eyes, the venture as a success can not be allowed to lose the bet. In order to win the bet, they began to become an instant success, and even use unscrupulous divisive tactics. read more

Electricity supplier real answer, electricity supplier marketing 12 questions

[i] note what is the network operators in the world of online brand? How can better manage online brand? What is the position of marketing in the electricity supplier brand in? The author from a marketing perspective, visited some experiences and lessons on the brand management process, from the perspective of brand we can listen to the voices of real combat.

text / Xu Renyi

Q1 what is the online brand


we can put all the brands are operating on the Internet, are collectively referred to as online brand, which is a call to the electricity supplier, but some were born on the line, some from the transition line. Online to avoid the cumbersome regional channels, but also the formation of more pure electricity supplier brand, which is a first positioning, or after the transformation of the problem. read more

When the mailbox function post Dun Hou is a feather enterprise group purchase

only one year rise of group purchase, but to subvert the entire market price, also let the price war in the market becomes before many businesses in jeopardy, perhaps through a price war to win the market, but in the recent market staged a "double standard" once again reveal the true face, let your heart again a cold.

in this year, many businesses by "as long as you find what a price than our low price, we can give you a payment of three times the difference" this commitment to urge the customer consumption, and even some giant companies such as Ctrip and apple iPad have also staged "price difference", these after the rise of group purchase commitments in the "false propaganda" gradually return to nature. read more

Huang Jianqiao how to open shop can not lose

Spring Festival holiday is over, back to the normal working condition and rhythm of life. Maybe I have some success is perhaps the e-commerce environment is mature or both, many classmates and friends during the Spring Festival to open shop interested, hope I can give some help and, even the villagers said only 2 hours to let me teach him how to shop promise not to lose.

The development of

in packet network 20 months really great changes, we use 20 thousand yuan in start-up funding to create the domestic first-class bags wholesale website, 2001 sales target of 10 million yuan, Sina, Tencent reported. Formal navigation; diggs included station; annual sales of nearly 4 million Tencent; authentication trusted sites; independent Amazon brands; distributors over 2000, marks our 20 months of efforts were not in vain. Even so, I do not dare to ensure that anyone can do not make money package, to make money through several essential aspects: read more

Jingdong anniversary big promotion questioned some of the goods 618 day price

Beijing in June 20, the 618 anniversary of Japan’s Jingdong promotional merchandise price holiday, but some users found that day to join Jingdong anniversary activities of commodity prices instead; in addition, there are users also reflect some Jingdong, preferential "seckill" activities, seconds kill probability of success is small, many goods page after the show "no goods".

Jingdong part of the promotional price of goods accused of changing

discount after the first shill is many electricity providers when marketing the usual trick, but this is not the "pit" means consumers. There are 18 Jingdong in 618 anniversary activities of the commodity price increases actually had a day phenomenon. read more

Ouyang Yun has acquired 2-3 high group purchase network considering a separate listing

June 10th Groupon CEO news, Andrew · Mason and COO Ouyang Yun attended today Gaopeng media communication. Ouyang Yun said at the meeting, at present Gaopeng has acquired 2 – 3 small group purchase website, the future will consider the overseas listed independent.

Andrew · Mason began his visit to China in June 9th, yesterday has visited Gaopeng company and management team. Mason said that the important purpose of the visit is to examine China Chinese market and meet Gaopeng management team, before he has visited Japan and South korea. read more

Family doctor Wanda electricity supplier to this place, where to fly also want to step on one foot

September 28th news, since the transition to do the scene after the operation of service providers, Wanda’s electricity supplier project fly where action frequently, involved in the business continues to expand. Shopping, movies, food, family, parking, travel, reading, ticketing…… In addition to the life of this series of services, the tentacles are also flying to the medical health.

learned billion state power network, before the fifast officially open a "family doctor" service plan. According to the official introduction, as long as the user for the first time in the successful binding of the bank card, you can receive 1 years of family doctor service. read more

Cross border deal pains he chose this prescription

May 5th news, cross-border electricity supplier since the implementation of the new deal since April 8th, various problems have emerged. Bonded goods cross-border supervision mode change, make a lot of the bonded area bonded warehouse vacancy phenomenon, some cross-border electronic business platform is therefore a replenishment difficult situation; limit the positive list of cosmetics, health products and other categories of so many platforms have to consider restructuring; policy has no rules, but also to the entire industry indecisive. Cross border electricity supplier exactly how to play in the face of difficulties, cross-border electricity supplier practitioners have issued such a voice. In this regard, the founder and CEO of the Blue Ocean Terminal had to talk about his views on the state power. read more

Operating experience of weight loss Taobao website

the sea is from the second half of 2008 started off Taobao, also is one of the owners earlier in this industry, is now the heady for more than half a year earlier (the PID earlier than I don’t joke my brother webmaster, ha ha). I do Taobao off half a year before the main is to promote the store, because I think the shop promotion conversion rate is relatively high, I mainly optimize the shop name related long tail keywords at that time, because the search those shops or shop name in the search engine, are basically buying products in the Taobao store. They are Taobao customers to promote the most accurate crowd. read more

deas determine the starting point to determine the end point

ideas determine the way out, the starting point to determine the end. Wangzhuan, the most important direction. As a novice, just contact the Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, direction, will smooth, money is like playing digital games as simple, the wrong direction, the results draw further apart, as can be imagined.

so, as a novice, what are taboo, in order to avoid detours


is not a technical background, most novice contact Wangzhuan, from the beginning of some Wangzhuan forum, a common forum is the most advertising is full of every corner, I always believe that advertising components, there must be a deceptive ingredient. To borrow Wei Fan’s words: "if you are a novice, impossible to guard against", therefore, this forum, personal suggestions to be harvested, experience more negative. Since the road ahead is not, do not take the time to try. Of course, some good forum, such as Webmaster Station, stone, sent on behalf of, I still recommend beginners to see more, may wish to give beginners a small standard identify strengths and weaknesses of the Forum: the forum advertising flying all over the sky, to be junk forum, popular, but rarely advertising, not even the nature is a good forum. read more

Shop a month from zero credit to five heart experience sharing

from May 8, 2009 officially operating for more than a month now, a short period of time, from zero to store credit has five hearts, for a novice sellers, which is particularly worthy of share this feeling.

novice shop, zero credit is indeed a difficult start, how to make customers willing to buy your products in your shop? Customers generally have a psychological, willing to spend more money on shopping credit high store is not willing to zero in a store credit.

now talk about the experience of my own experience (published on read more

Entrepreneurial story how to buy electricity supplier Amazon Zappos $1 billion 200 million once closed a door to reduce the profit of 25%, but the rapid development, and eventually was for more than $1 billion price acquisition., like many Internet companies, released in 1999 when the technology bubble. sells shoes on the web, the customer selects the shoe styles on the website, the sends the customer requirements to the supplier, and the supplier sends the goods from their own warehouse.

CEO Tony Hsieh said, "in theory, it’s a perfect idea." But the reality is not, after the company was founded four years still no profit, unable to get VCs favor, and shoes retail market just from 2001 recession. In order to survive, the company must explore more valuable products: quality customer service, unless it is shipped to customers or it will not be achieved, which means that they have to build their own logistics system. read more

Baidu launched a new business model Baidu TV began trial Battalion

in addition to PPC advertising promotion model, Baidu began to incorporate new elements into the business model to explore. August 21, 2007, Silicon Valley power reporter was informed that Baidu has been promoted in its alliance system called Baidu TV products for the development of the value of the flow of the site to diversify the union website.

"If the

alliance website each page as a wall, Baidu to do is to choose the most appropriate wall, in the above on display, allowing users to enjoy the Internet advertising like watching TV." Baidu alliance, a project leader Xiao Min said, which is also known as the origin of the project Baidu TV. read more

Shandong allows college students to drop out a maximum length of 8 years of entrepreneurship


newspaper in Ji’nan on 9 May, (China Youth Daily · youth online reporter Xing Ting) Shandong will implement flexible educational system in Colleges and universities, allowing college students to leave school business, the duration can be extended to a maximum of 8 years to complete the required academic students timely issuance of certificate, according to the term audit qualification, degree granting for the employment registration formalities. This reporter learned from the Shandong provincial government held a press conference on 9. read more