The U.S. version of runaway comic the history of Entrepreneurship nobody saw behind entrepreneurs sm

author Cheezburger, CEO, Huh, an online entertainment humor company in the United States, Ben. He believes that entrepreneurs often only share the good news of new products and proud, and deliberately hide those "stumbling block" like to "spare none" of the difficulties, it seems that this is the common understanding that the celebration had no time to confess these. In fact, each new product has its own history of bitterness.

Hello everyone, I am Ben Huh, is also the online entertainment humor company Cheezburger CEO. In 2007, we founded the company, while the introduction of related I Can Has Cheezburger humor site, a large number of online adorable cat pictures also captured a number ". At present, we operate dozens of humorous sites, and not long ago, we also officially launched a iOS application. At this moment, I am very proud, I want to share with you the next story, it is not for the application of offbeat campaign. read more

enjoy the soft monthly income of million

wrote the title and he felt sick — even though it was true.

but has been looking at the webmaster of other people send the soft Wen comments – a large part of the webmaster is with a kind of think smart tone: AD or soft. For this kind of webmaster I have some hate, because they can’t see others send soft Wen, but he especially want to send.

beauty like to see ads, because advertising represents the standard of beauty;

look ugly hate ads, ads more because of her ugly


enjoy advertising is also a kind of realm, will not enjoy the school to enjoy it. read more

Smamoo God mother the world’s first smart bottle is about to detonate all the chips

Smamoo God mom smart bottle is expected to be raised in August 6th Jingdong congregation." The news came out, attracted a lot of attention to their dad nurse. What is the mother of God Smamoo smart bottle has a powerful function; how to solve the intelligent features of the baby feeding problem; smart bottle is how to change the traditional way of feeding…… Such questions and attractions, so smart bottle has become the focus of the new generation of parents hot.

as everyone knows, at present, there are Chinese healthy development of infants food safety worries, feeding and nursing is not reasonable, parenting education confusion and other issues. 80, after 90 parents are generally faced with a lot of confusion and confusion of scientific parenting, in real life, they have obvious conflicts and contradictions with the older generation of parenting ideas. Based on the parental status of these new generation, the domestic entrepreneurial team "MEG" independent research and development of intelligent design of the world’s first bottle in the true sense. read more

Worth 10 billion 500 million third business 6 years exceeded 100 billion of his life experiences gee

Abstract: compared with Ren Zhengfei, Wang Xing’s achievements are not a little low, China had the largest social networking site, micro-blog founder Chinese website, now the largest group purchase website are from his hand, although the business failures, but he always unremittingly, and ultimately create a beauty group, 6 years of market capitalization reached billion, personal worth billion.

IT in the "2016 Hurun rich list", a man and Ren Zhengfei had the same worth 10 billion 500 million, but two people are 35 years apart. Compared with Ren Zhengfei, his achievement is not low, once Chinese largest social networking site, China micro-blog, the originator of the website is now the largest group purchase website are from his hand, although the business failures, but he always unremittingly, and ultimately create a beauty group, 6 year market capitalization reached billion, personal worth 10 billion. read more

Ma Yun called the more than 1 thousand women together. What did they say

Alibaba held a global conference of women entrepreneurs, but not a business chat.

"don’t forget to put on makeup."

"dress up, queen."

walked into the scene of the first global conference of women entrepreneurs, I think of Ali’s public relations, probably also a little understanding of their meeting for the setting: everything is pink and purple.

"there can be no Alibaba without women. Alibaba Thanksgiving there are women, there is no woman in the world can hardly imagine what it will look like." 5.20-5.21, Ma and Alibaba held a global conference of women entrepreneurs". However, this Congress accounted for 49% of the female employees of the Alibaba and did not cause much reaction, the online Ali issued a total of two relevant information, in response to a handful. read more

Entrepreneurship is more than far away in front of the responsibility and ambition and defend and br

entrepreneurial ambitions and far more than the immediate responsibility and sticking, and bread.

but also because of this, in order to challenge themselves. Some entrepreneurs will insist, insist on their own goals, beliefs; some entrepreneurs will Sike, by all means, despite the retreat; there is certainly no shortage of people who give up. Most of us entrepreneurs believe that persistence is not necessarily right, but if you do not insist on nothing. Don’t give up, you always have a chance, but Sike Na, is a way to go black, walk to the end. How to distinguish and adhere to Sike, entrepreneurs have different definitions of his own. read more

May be the most wonderful entrepreneurs and incubators in history

entrepreneurs may be one of the hardest jobs in modern society.

some years without pay or low wages, usually late at night, weekends, too busy to have a girlfriend, in the cafe business drinking discount Instant Coffee hope to meet an angel investor or partner, coupled with the air inlet, timing and luck, finally get a chance to go to the NASDAQ bell from 10 thousand people. This is the entrepreneur in the eyes of most people. But there is another kind of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship for them is just a rich life experience, is an attempt to pursue the dream. Success is good, it can not fail — another try, it also became a serial entrepreneur. read more

VR outbreak of the industry, you need to crack the three dilemma

text / Li Donglou (micro signal: lidonglou)

technology industry’s greatest charm is that every few years there will be a new product or new technology, which will bring us into a new world. In 2016, the most exciting is that VR (virtual reality) technology is no longer out of reach, but became a new product. Just this year in Barcelona, Spain MWC (World Communications Conference), Samsung, SONY, HTC, LG, Lenovo and other international manufacturers have launched their own VR products on this year’s MWC. read more

Financing freeze nternet entrepreneurs don’t want to knock the alarm overnight

in recent years, with the decline of traditional industries such as real estate, entrepreneurs have eyes on the internet. The influence of multiple factors in the "good Internet plus" concept popular, good policy support, investment market, Internet business increasingly popular trend. Not only the surge in the number of entrepreneurs, and the total amount of financing has also hit a new high. However, from the second half of 2015, a sudden turn for the worse situation.

in addition to the capital market into the winter period of this factor, the most important thing is some Internet business has become the "show" of the show, only a gimmick no real business projects. Boasted that he would become the next Ma entrepreneurs, continue to participate in various names of the Internet conference…… Such an Internet venture, but also how long? read more

Shandong allows college students to drop out a maximum length of 8 years of entrepreneurship


newspaper in Ji’nan on 9 May, (China Youth Daily · youth online reporter Xing Ting) Shandong will implement flexible educational system in Colleges and universities, allowing college students to leave school business, the duration can be extended to a maximum of 8 years to complete the required academic students timely issuance of certificate, according to the term audit qualification, degree granting for the employment registration formalities. This reporter learned from the Shandong provincial government held a press conference on 9. read more