Entrepreneurs have the college entrance examination college entrance examination is like today’s nt

Abstract: college entrance examination has been eight years, the Internet is also the age of four degrees. The college entrance examination, choose the "test" word for contempt; University, choose the "big" word can spread to the world also. This article only in the name of the college entrance examination to write the reality of College students.

college entrance examination, choose the "test" word for contempt; University, choose the "big" word can spread to the world also. read more

Chinese Entrepreneurs small and medium-sized cities enthusiastic half of users want to venture 19% u

[Abstract] entrepreneurship has caused a lot of unwilling to present town youth, they decided to change themselves, even to change the world. At present, almost all of the research on the entrepreneurial market, are about the entrepreneur. For China’s Internet age and the potential needs of entrepreneurship and energy, we have until today, there is still a lack of a valuable research data.

entrepreneurship in today’s China, in the end only a few people, or has inspired more people deep in the hearts of the impulse? read more

We released four small WeChat program and you want to talk about the development process of small pr

as TGIDEAS technology research and development team, we like the other technical team focus on new technologies, new business form time, facing the new application form, combined with the actual business team, came out the following four small applications at the end of the year:

, which is the glory of the king race only after 1 months of development time, in a small program on the line when released; King glory official website, followed by the on-line in the second day, also released. read more

Data analysis what kind of character is the founder of success


This paper from the "

" from 0 to 1, author Peter · Till, founder of PayPal Facebook, the first outside investors. Known as the Silicon Valley, "Paypal Mafia" (The PayPal) boss, to talk about his entrepreneurial experience that year, the godfather of entrepreneurs, worth a visit.

Of the six founders of

PayPal, a bomb was made in high school in the past four years.

at that time, five of them were only about 23 years old and younger. The four person is not born in the United States, three of which were from socialist countries or former socialist countries: Pan Yu from China, Luke · nosek from Poland, Marx · Levchin from Ukraine. It wasn’t a kid’s time to make a bomb in those countries. read more

23andMe development history the medical and health sector is a kind of entrepreneurial experience

the last two years in the field of health entrepreneurship suddenly fire up, the temperature and the weather in Beijing these two days. Many people confused in a year or so after suddenly toss my voice: not ah. In the medical field with the original entrepreneurial pioneer almost, technology is not mature, the market is invisible, users of damages, there are a bunch of people throwing stones do supervision on the shore, Zezheng? Today we have approached an encounter such predecessors, look at the people is exactly eight years time to get through. read more

Entrepreneurs say like to talk about the subversion of the entrepreneur you really understand innova

Abstract: for a new company, innovation but may put myself down. The risk of innovation is big? First, innovation requires a lot of money; second, innovative things need to have a gradual acceptance of the process of the user; finally, the company also needs to overcome many technical difficulties.

first, innovation is difficult to achieve. May be due to the misunderstanding of entrepreneurial innovation of two words, this point, founder of NetEase founder Sun Taoran Ding Lei and Kara are saying: read more

How to sell a 200 yuan dumplings, the master is still in the civil

[Abstract] how to sell 2 yuan of dumplings to one of the 200 important is not the answer, but the way you think?


a, do a PPT, the dumplings of raw materials from the species to the harvest and then to the processing of all demonstration again, how to emphasize how hard, and then change a gold packaging, this is the focus.

PS: Wanda electricity supplier CEO fan children.

two, but also a year of graduation season, coincides with the Dragon Boat Festival season. Today in the restaurant to buy dumplings are popular grass root community, a hard to find millet mobile phone to send. This is not a simple dumplings, this is a magical intelligent dumplings, in your morning rush to work without breakfast, just took out our gift dumplings on the smart mobile phone millet mobile phone back, playing three minutes of the game, the sweet dumplings cooked reeky. Environmental protection, safety, time saving, labor saving, fashion, is home to travel, and rob the essentials. Not 9999, not 5999, not 3999, celebrate double as long as 1999, intelligent home dumplings. read more

WeChat small program can not share the entrance, search entrepreneurs to be disappointed

WeChat applet

news about WeChat is about to launch a small program, is not a day two days. Before I met a lot of entrepreneurs, I heard that WeChat to a small program, it is basically the order of the company’s programmers are concerned about a small program every day, but also the early study of small programs. For these entrepreneurs, micro-blog’s tuyere did not seize, App’s tuyere did not seize, at least WeChat small program tuyere must seize.

small program has become a lot of people did not seize the tuyere entrepreneurs hope. They hope that this is WeChat, there is an entrance, just like Appstroe, all of the small programs can be recommended, classification, ranking, and each small program can be recommended as an independent App, is forwarded, you can even use the push, plus advertising and so on, the independent App can complete things, a small program can be completed. read more

American entrepreneurs Beijing will become the only real rival Silicon Valley

Seria J · (Cyriac) in 2014 will be their start-up company Shopkick sold to SK Planet, and a year later to give up the post of CEO Roeding. Subsequently, he led his wife and two children flew to Beijing, Shenzhen and Hongkong, traveled for 3 weeks, hoping to better understand China’s entrepreneurial circles, as well as entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

below for his observation of the Chinese entrepreneurs circle:

I haven’t been to China for many years. But 12 years ago, I almost moved here. So I’m curious what I’ll find in china. I visited more than and 20 start-up companies. Including both the late start, the valuation of $20 billion of the company, including seed wheel company. I visited more than a dozen venture capitalists, more than 20 entrepreneurs, as well as successful angel investors. read more

After he missed the 18 million financing for $900 to save the company

October 30, 2014, the Internet recruitment website push network CEO Lee Cheng rare sleep a good sleep. According to 51job (defendants) commitments, 18 million yuan a week should be credited.

woke up in the morning, but Li Cheng received a partner WeChat,

,"I have

days, and investors say, I quit. To kill to cut yourself."

72 hours later, on Monday November 3rd, Li Cheng and Huang Xiaoliang two people stood in the empty office, stare at each other. They have dismissed all employees, the company accounts only 900 yuan in cash, laptops were also taken as compensation for employees. read more