Burgers of goodness as a guide to how to proceed after this extraordinary situation

first_img” We are honored to participate in this campaign and help a strong brand like Submarine. We are happy that with quality delivery we can offer comfort when needed. We are proud to be among the first to launch a trend of this kind of help to those who are on the front line of defense We continue to do similar activities and we want to encourage the rest of the industry to help those who need it the most at the moment. ”Added the director of Wolta, Mr. Matko Katanec. This is how blue and green Croatia are connected, ie agriculture is connected with tourism. We just need to put it all together lighthouses, kako bi dobili masu u kontekstu količine, kao i najvažnije poljoprivrednike spojiti u klastere, da mogu proizvesti tražene količine iste kvalitete. Često su ljudi u zabludi kada se priča o ovoj temi te odmah gledaju hotele kao velike potrošače namirnica. Ne, treba krenuti upravo obrnuto, od “manjih” ( iako u slučaju Submarine burgera već govorimo o prvom hrvatskom burger lancu s trenutno 7 lokacija u Zagrebu i Rijeci ), mali restorana i malih obiteljskih hotela, pa tek onda probati otvoriti i kanal prema hotelima. Krenimo prvo malim koracima, postavimo dobre temelje i tek onda korak po korak spojiti 20 milijuna dolazaka turista svake godine s našom proizvodnjom. To je proces s kojim se netko mora strateški baviti. They regularly prepare lunch and dinner for our true heroes from the intensive care unit. But they are no longer alone in that mission, joined by Wolt, who delivers meals from Submarine’s restaurants free of charge.   No primjeri kao što je Sumarine su dokaz kako ima potražnje, dapače, danas je u ugostiteljstvo kvalitetna namirnica luksuz, a ne “zlatni” tanjuri. Man is the key to success Da to nije samo fraza, u Submarine su od ove godine pokrenuli i edukativni program – Submarine pipeline, kojim žele potaknuti svoje zaposlenike da se dodatno educiraju, da rastu i razvijaju se u smjeru u kojem se dugoročno vide. Tako kvalitetne ljude zadržavaju i daju im priliku da mogu napredovati. Kada pričamo o promociji, u Lijepoj našoj , marketing je i dalje u sferi troška, a ne investicije. Zato je i primjer Submarine PopUp restorana još jedan lijep dokaz kako iskočiti iz mase i biti drugačiji, te kako je ulaganje u marketing, a samim time i u uređenje, dizajn pa tako i za PopUp “štand” nije trošak nego investicija. Their enthusiasm and dedication, from the first day of the spread of the coronavirus, was recognized by the Submarine Burger team and among the first to launch free food delivery to team members in March. Clinics for Infectious Diseases Fran Mihaljević, to thank them for everything they do. SUBMARINE as an example of how blue and green Croatia are connected Every crisis is also an opportunity. This is our opportunity to reset and finally lay a healthy and quality foundation for a better tomorrow. Hard and challenging times, such as this pandemic, often encourage the best in people and trigger a wave of support and kindness. Unfortunately often the worst, but that’s another story, not certainly for this article. That’s why they are where they are – the first Croatian burger CHAIN. I intentionally emphasized the “chain” because it is much easier to dream and say, and extremely difficult to realize. ” From the very beginning of the crisis, we wanted to get involved and help. Social sensitivity and care for the community in which we operate are firmly inscribed in our DNA. After the meeting of the whole team, we decided to brighten up the hard everyday life We will deliver food as long as possible, and we are very happy because we managed to keep all our employees, we would like to invite all food delivery companies and other catering companies to, in accordance with their capabilities, get involved in delivering free meals to health professionals. they take care of the sick every day with great effort. ”Said Mr. Dragoljub Božović, Director of Submarine Burger. To spice up this story about the Submarine burger a little more, I would certainly point out the creative way of promotion that follows the latest trends, in fact, even sets some trends. So Submarine has its own internet radio u suradnji s Yammatom, a u suradnji s agencijom Kisok studio ove godine izradili su fenomenalne 3D fotografije svojih burgera, te su tako postali prvi koji su u Hrvatskoj napravili kampanju isključivo s oglasnim rješenjima 3D fotografija. To sve nije slučajno, sve je to samo još jedna mali dokaz kako je Submarine puno više od burgera. Submarine je brend koji u svojem DNA zapisano – ljudi, kvalitetno i dugoročno. Odličan putokaz kako nema uspjeha preko noći, bez kvalitete i kako nam mora biti stalno do naših zaposlenika i partnera. Svi u tom lancu moraju biti zadovoljni, kao i u samom burgeru. Svaki sastojak je važan, koliko god mali bio – da bi konačni proizvod bio vrhunski. Among us, people are heroes, those who are in the first line of defense have been showing commitment for weeks, putting in immense effort and risking their health on a daily basis to help others. Our real heroes, those heroes who do not hide behind masks and who are not invisible and who are not from the Marvel workshop – these are our doctors and medical staff, who work non-stop, and without working hours, all in a noble mission to help the sick or real saving our world. No, this is not a disaster movie, it is our reality, so our heroes are real. By the way, this is a new type of advertising, the so-called “Immersive Advertising”. It is a type of advertising that uses content formats such as 3D photos and videos, 3D models, 360 ° video and VR / AR experiences. Burgers of goodness as a guide to how to proceed after this extraordinary situation And yes, they didn’t immediately start firing in the first wave, they kept all the workers and started delivering. This enthusiastic team of good heart is starting cooperation and delivery of food to the doctors of the Clinic for Infectious Diseases in Rijeka, and they hope that their initiative will be accepted by other caterers and thus make their challenging everyday life at least a little easier. And let’s finish this article as we started. For years, Submarine has been raising funds for the RED NOSES association, clown doctors for regular visits of clown doctors to hospitals, and helping various associations and local clubs, but they do not brag about it too much. That is why this last action is not accidental, but only the continuation of socially responsible business from the first day. Being different from others and following trends is synonymous with Submarine Ovom prilikom moram posebno istaknuti kako Submarine od svojih početaka koristi domaće namirnice, surađuju s lokalnim OPG-ovima, a u ponudi imaju i domaća craft piva. Organski burger je ključna riječ, a sve namirnice ( od umaka, salate, krumpira, peciva do mesa ) povezuju dvije riječi – lokalno i kvalitetno. Small but important details that make a difference, that show a sign of attention and how they care, which is a very valuable currency today.last_img read more

DSS defends decision to implement increase retirement age

first_imgLocalNews DSS defends decision to implement increase retirement age by: – September 6, 2011 Dominica Social Security buliding. Photo credit: investdominica.comThe Dominica Social Security is defending a decision to advocate for the implementation of an increase in retirement age and a higher contribution rate.A report has recommended that the retirement age move from 60 to 65 and the Dominica Social Security has been conducting sensitization meetings around Dominica.Deputy Director of the Dominica Social Security Augustus Etienne said the changes are imminent but the public’s impute is essential.“Because of the age of the system and because of the age of the population, we have a lot of people retiring and we are getting to point that the reserves that we have been able to accumulate overtime will be depleted in the future. When that happens we are going to have to charge people the real cost of the benefits that we are paying to them. In other to avid that, we have to make changes on a gradual basis so the system will be in place for future generations,” he said.He said the recommendations have been there for years but sometimes it’s difficult to implement some of those changes.“People are saying that things are looking bleak but every three years we are recommended by law to undertake a review which will indicate what changes will be made to the system. The system is not meant to be static. Overtime changes must be made and where you fail to make changes when you were suppose to make changes, the time will come when you will have to make drastic changes that will be too much for the people will deal at the time,” he explained.Dominica Vibes News Tweet Share Sharing is caring!center_img Share Share 14 Views   no discussionslast_img read more

Chilean military plane ‘disappears’ with 38 aboard

first_imgAmong the missing were 17 crew membersand 21 passengers. Air Force General Eduardo Mosqueirasaid the plane did not activate any distress signal while flying to Chile’sPresidente Eduardo Frei Montalva base, on Antarctica’s King George Island. The C-130 Hercules transport aircrafttook off from Punta Arenas around 16:55 local time on Monday (19:55 GMT), andoperators lost contact soon after 18:00 (21:00). The air force said the plane wasaround 450 miles into its 770-mile journey when the contact was lost, placingit within the Drake Passage – a body of water connecting the South Atlantic andSouth Pacific Oceans, and is known for treacherous weather conditions.(BBC)center_img The C-130 Hercules transport aircraft with 38 people on board has disappeared en route to Antarctica on Monday, according to Chile’s air force. BBC CHILE – A military plane with 38people on board has disappeared en route to Antarctica, the country’s air forcesaid. last_img read more

Racing canceled for June 5 at U.S. 36, Bud Shootout postponed to June 19

first_imgOSBORN, Mo. – Due to overnight rains both Wednesday and Thursday night, track officials have canceled racing for June 5 at U.S. 36 Raceway. The Bud Shootout is postponed to June 19. Up next at U.S. 36 Raceway is a return to the weekly championship chase, and the racing on Friday, June 12 will feature the IMCA Modifieds, IMCA RaceSaver Sprint Cars, IMCA Sunoco Stock Cars and Karl Kustoms Northern SportMods. The Bud Shootout on June 19 will feature the Sprint Series of Nebraska. The IMCA Sunoco Stock Cars will also be in action with the Doyle Lance Remembrance Stock Car Race. Other classes will be announced at a later date. center_img The property and track is too wet and with the recently reworked track surface officials want to continue to strive for a smooth racing surface for both drivers and fans.last_img read more

FIFA bans former top official Kattner for 10 years

first_img(REUTERS) – Soccer’s world governing body FIFA has banned Markus Kattner, a former leading official in the Zurich organisation, for 10 years and has fined him one million Swiss francs ($1.06M) after a probe into bonus payments.“The adjudicatory chamber of the independent Ethics Committee has found Markus Kattner, former FIFA Deputy Secretary General and Acting Secretary General, guilty of conflicts of interest and having abused his position, in violation of the FIFA Code of Ethics,” FIFA said in a statement yesterday.“The investigation into Mr Kattner covered various charges concerning bonus payments in relation to FIFA competitions that were paid to top FIFA management officials (including Mr Kattner), various amendments to and extensions of employment contracts, reimbursement of private legal costs, and Mr Kattner’s duties as an official.”FIFA said in June, 2016, that an internal investigation revealed that Kattner, FIFA’s former Secretary General Jerome Valcke and the organisation’s ex-President Sepp Blatter had received 79 million Swiss francs ($81M) in compensation over five years, calling them “massive payouts”.Blatter, who led FIFA from 1998 until 2015, was banned from football for six years in February 2016, while Valcke is banned until 2028.The 45-year-old Kattner, who holds German and Swiss citizenship, joined FIFA as Director of Finance in 2003 and four years later became Deputy Secretary General.He became Acting Secretary General in September 2015, after the departure of Valcke, but was then fired in May 2016.According to the Ethics Committee’s final judgement, Kattner argued that the ethics process against him had not been fair and that he did not grant any bonus payments either to himself or to anyone else in the top management.The official can appeal the FIFA ban to the Court of Arbitration of Sport in Lausanne, Switzerland.last_img read more

Hoornstra: MLB’s new pace-of-play rules are a warning to players – speed up

first_img“It’s up to (the league), what they want to do,” he said with a tone of resignation. “It’s going to drive me crazy because I don’t think what they did is going to make the game faster.”As evidence, Jansen held up the exceptions to the new rules. Pitchers are still allowed to step off the rubber between pitches. A catcher, or any position player, can talk to a pitcher between at-bats without counting toward the official limit, as long as he doesn’t visit the mound. There’s even a clause that allows a position player to visit the mound “to clean spikes in rainy conditions.”Though they might prove ineffective, the new restrictions were preferable to a pitch clock, Jansen said.“Sometimes you’ve got to step off and slow the game down,” he said. “That’s when a pitcher becomes great – when they step off sometimes, when stuff is going too fast. Slow yourself down, get back in it and throw your next pitch.”The rules decision elicited a sigh of relief from Dodgers catcher Austin Barnes.Barnes was playing in Triple-A when the Pacific Coast League instituted a more radical pace-of-play measure. Any pitcher who didn’t come set within 20 seconds after his last pitch could be charged with a ball. Batters could be charged with a strike if they took too long walking into the batter’s box.“I saw guys get punched out because of the pitch clock,” Barnes said. “I don’t know how they would ever do that in a major league game.”Added Dodgers pitcher Alex Wood: “that can have a massive effect on the outcome of a game, all for what? Six or seven more seconds? That can’t happen.”To that end, the new pace-of-play rules might have communicated an implicit warning to players: Speed up now or a pitch clock is coming later.In the meantime, the new rules could expose a loophole for teams trying to steal signs. MLB announced it would install phone lines connecting the video review rooms and the dugout, and monitor the communications over those lines to prevent their use for sign-stealing.But mound visits were key to combating sign-stealing, the players said. Jansen throws only two pitches, a cut fastball and an occasional slider. He believes he can switch signs without visiting his catcher in the middle of an at-bat. Another pitcher might not be so lucky. This is when the new rule might become a factor – late in games, when a team’s six visits are up and a new set of signs are deemed necessary.Related Articles Last week, Manfred was expected to announce a new purpose for those countdown timers: a pitch clock, with strict penalties for any pitcher or batter unprepared when the clock reaches zero. The idea was considered, but the league and the players never reached consensus on the specifics.Instead of unilaterally imposing a landmark rule without the players’ consent, the commissioner struck a compromise. Teams will now be limited to visiting the pitcher’s mound six times in a nine-inning game, then once for each extra inning.“Part of my thinking in moving forward more slowly, not going ahead and implementing some of the changes we had the right to implement,” Manfred said, “was that publicly and privately players admitted pace of game was an issue – an issue we needed to improve on.”With an average game lasting 3 hours and 11 minutes, the Dodgers and Colorado Rockies were the slowest teams in the National League last year. Dodger pitchers have been the slowest of any staff – 25.0 seconds between pitches, according to the MLB Network – since the start of the 2016 season.All-Star closer Kenley Jansen averaged a fastidious 29 seconds between pitches last year. He is among the slowest pitchers in the game. He is also proof that the players’ desire to quicken the pace of play isn’t unanimous. If longer games are really deterring fans, Jansen asked, then why did the Dodgers lead MLB in attendance last season? Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Error Dodgers asking Kenta Maeda to take bullpen mentality into rotation spot The Dodgers’ pitchers already begin each game with multiple sets of signs, Manager Dave Roberts said. Mound visits are used not just to change signs, but for catchers and pitchers to remind each other which set of signs is in play. Another exception to the six-visit-per-game rule is if the pitcher and catcher are “crossed up,” but an umpire can reject a catcher’s request or even eject him from the game for arguing over a seventh mound visit.“Hopefully that doesn’t take away from the quality of the game,” Barnes said.Roberts said last week that he was clear on the scope of the new rules. Then on Friday, during the Dodgers’ Cactus League opener against the White Sox, the manager was caught by surprise. The Dodgers lost a mound visit when first baseman Cody Bellinger walked to the mound with a pitcher after a play on the infield. Afterward, Roberts said he would meet with MLB executive Joe Torre to “get some clarity.”In the quest to quicken baseball, is targeting mound visits worth the effort? The answer will come soon enough. The clock is ticking.Staff writer Bill Plunkett contributed to this story.center_img J.T. Chargois: Being with Dodgers ‘like Disney World’ Dodgers rally in ninth inning to tie Rangers, 4-4 GLENDALE, Ariz. — On the eve of the 2016 All-Star Game, Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred was tasked with a housekeeping question.“Pace of play for me,” he said, “is like dandelions in your front lawn. I just can’t get rid of it.”Baseball managed to trim seven minutes off the average game time from 2014 to 2015, to an even three hours. The league mandated countdown timers in every ballpark, and umpires enforced a series of strict between-innings deadlines. Batters were required to keep at least one foot in the batter’s box after taking a pitch.But in 2016, those rules were scarcely enforced. The league and the players’ union had other priorities – namely, renewing an expiring Collective Bargaining Agreement. The average time of game rose to 3 hours, 4 minutes by the end of the season, and 3 hours, 8 minutes in 2017.last_img read more