Remarks by Governor Wolf at It’s On Us PA Press Conference

first_img June 08, 2016 Remarks by Governor Wolf at It’s On Us PA Press Conference It’s On Us PA,  Remarks,  Videos It’s On Us PA Press ConferenceHarrisburg, PATRANSCRIPT:I want to thank all of you for being here to contribute to the important work that the “It’s on Us PA” campaign is doing.The effort to combat sexual assault and provide a safe haven for Pennsylvania’s students and young people is extremely importantThat is why Pennsylvania became the first state in the nation to join the White House in this noble effortThis initiative has three goalsFirst, to improve awareness, prevention, reporting and response systems in the commonwealthSecond, to remove or at least reduce barriers that prevent survivors from reporting sexual assaultAnd third, to demonstrate that we are committed – at all levels – to the task of eradicating this scourge in PennsylvaniaWe need to treat sexual assault in our schools and colleges as the serious problem it truly isWe need to agree that we’re not going to put up with it any longerThat’s because sexual assault has a corrosive effect on all of us, and especially on those who are assaultedAn estimated 1 in 5 college women are assaultedNearly 20% of young women between the ages of 14 and 17 are sexually assaultedMostly by someone the survivor knows and trustsClassmateSupposed friendA relativeOr a family memberAnd the impact is serious and widespreadSurvivors are more likely to experience immediate and long-term health issues like:Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – 94%Depression – 75%And suicidal tendencies – 35-50%Safety is a fundamental civil right and sexual assault is a clear violation of that civil rightWhen that violation occurs for any member of a communityIt occurs for every member of that communityIt violates the right of everyone to a safe societyPennsylvania must take a stand against sexual assault.That’s what the “It’s on Us PA” campaign is all about.It is about we, as a Commonwealth, saying that this act is entirely unacceptable and against the way of life we envision for ourselves and those in our communityWhen these acts are not taken seriously, or ignored, victims are singled out for humiliation and those that have committed them go unpunishedThat’s what happened at Stanford University, where a member of the University swim team was caught in the act of raping a young womanHe received only 6 months in a county jail with probation, while his victim will have to live the rest of her life with the feeling of violation and danger that he causedThese kinds of leniencies send a message to the community that we are not serious about preventing sexual assault, and safeguarding our young people.These kinds of leniencies are unacceptable.The “It’s on Us PA” campaign is about delivering that message across the Commonwealth.We need to end sexual assaultMy administration is committed to this goal.We have great partners in this effort who are committed to doing just thatSince January, over 800 people – including over 200 colleges, universities and school districts in Pennsylvania – have signed the pledge to join the “It’s on us” campaignMy administration has engaged them to help in this effortOver the past 6 months, we have held roundtables across the Commonwealth to hear from survivors, students, healthcare professionals and policy makers, trying to create better strategies for ending sexual assaultTo that end, I have proposed $1 million in the 2016-17 budget to invest in community partnerships that will help prevent sexual violence and remove barriers to reporting in schools across PennsylvaniaAdditionally, I have directed the Department of Education to provide support and technical assistance by administering this program and align state level resources to better support school districts and postsecondary institutionsIn the near future, my administration will introduce a legislative package designed to ensure that safety and wellbeing of students and young peopleThis package will target the enormous number of statutes and regulations that cover different types of harassment and violence to identify opportunities to prevent sexual violenceI am determined to make Pennsylvania a shining example to the rest of the world as to what committed citizens can do to make our world betterIt’s truly on all of us to accomplish thisLet’s get to workAnd thanks for your commitment to freeing our commonwealth of the problem of campus sexual assaultNow, I am very proud to turn the podium over to Coach Jay WrightCoach Wright is a key ally in the effort to end sexual assault on campusHe, like the rest of us, is committed to making sure that sexual assault has no place in the life of a young person.He also happens to coach the National Champion Villanova Wildcats Basketball teamJay WrightLike Governor Tom Wolf on Facebook: SHARE Email Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

Savacool invited to Major League Baseball assessment program

first_imgCampioleta said B’ville’s last brush with the big leagues was in 2014 when Scott Blewett — a right-handed pitcher, like Savacool — was picked in the second round of the draft by the Kansas City Royals.“I think it’s really a testament to our program that we have. Our coaches do a great job making sure … all of our student-athletes excel,” Campioleta said. “This is a pretty unprecedented honor for Jason. That’s a once-in-a-lifetime situation.”

Badgers experience will key performance in NCAA Regional

first_imgFollowing a solid sixth place finish last weekend at the Big Ten Championships, the Wisconsin women’s golf team earned a bid to the 2014 NCAA Regionals as the 16th seed.Despite an already impressive season in which the Badgers earned an overall record of 89-47-1, UW head coach Todd Oehrlein’s team does not appear to be satisfied just yet as it has its sights set on making a big splash at the NCAA Regional. Just like last season when the Badgers surprised many by conquering regionals and moving on to the NCAA Championships, this year’s team is looking to do the same.Despite being faced with the challenge of competing against some of the most dominant women’s golf powerhouses in the country such as top-seeded Southern California, Oehrlein isn’t phased by the tough competition.Instead he’s excited with the opportunity for every team to compete with a clean slate on a neutral, level playing field.“I told the team last night, once you make it, there’s 24 there, eight teams are going are going to advance. Everybody is number one in the country at this point,” Oehrlein said. “You play and you control what you can control.”The NCAA Regional will certainly be the biggest stage the Badgers have played on all year and will require them to be at the top of their game when the tournament kicks off a week from Thursday, May 8. Oehrlein believes that his team will be fine handling that added pressure if they get off to a good start and get comfortable early.“The nerves are going to be there. That’s the excitement, the energy, and so as a coach you just have to help your team settle in as quick as possible in that early round. Once you get settled in, it just becomes more like any other golf tournament.”Pivotal to helping the Badgers “settle in” will be senior Kris Yoo, who has been the top golfer for Wisconsin this year and a big reason for this year’s success. Posting an average round of 73.45 in the 2013-14 season and making her third career NCAA Regional appearance, Yoo will be expected to continue her strong play and leadership to help the Badgers reach the National Championships.“She drives the ball really well, very accurately, and just consistently, so she is always in great position,” Oehrlein said. “Kris is nationally ranked in the top 10 for total short game and in scoring situations and scoring shots, she’s very good”When asked how she is feeling heading into the tournament, Yoo did not seem worried about how her team would handle playing with so much on the line due to its familiarity with playing in the postseason as of late.“I don’t think we are that nervous because four of us have actually been [to regionals] before and it was our goal so we expected it,” Yoo said. “We definitely wanted to get back to the National Championship. We made it last year even though we were the underdog and no one thought we could get through, and I think we have even more potential this year.”While it will be the last time senior Yoo competes in an NCAA Regional Championship for the Badgers, one of the team’s best players for the Badgers this year will be making her first postseason appearance. Freshman Brooke Ferrell will try to help lead Wisconsin to a Regional Championship following an excellent rookie season that caught the attention and respect of many around the women’s collegiate game.Oehrlein has been amazed at how smoothly Ferrell has made the transition from high school to college in one year and believes it to be a result of both her mental and physical strengths.“[Ferrell] is a great student and because she’s a good student, she’s been able to handle that workload and the transition hasn’t been anything been anything that she isn’t capable of handling,” Oehrlein said. “As a player, she is physically very strong. She hits the ball really hard and length is one of the strengths of her game.”One might expect Ferrell to be a little nervous about making her first appearance in an NCAA Regional. However, it does not look like that is going to be troubling on her. Inspired after a tremendous performance at the Big Ten Championship, Ferrell refuses to believe that her team isn’t capable capturing the title and picking up where they left off after an incredible final round.“I am more excited than nervous because the Big Ten tournament went very well for me and for my team,” she said. “Now that we know we can do it, we’ll do it again.”“The biggest thing that we need to do is just for us to walk out with a little bit of swagger,” Ferrell said. “You have to look around you and say I’m here too. Not just them but me too. Why not me? Why can’t I shoot under par? Why can’t I break a course record like Kris Yoo did last year?”The 2013-14 season is already a success, but a victory at regionals would make this season extra special, as Wisconsin has never qualified for back to back regionals, much less moved onto the championships in consecutive seasons. Judging by the Badgers’ recent performance and history in the postseason, the team has to feel good about who leads them into battle.last_img read more

Machel, Iwer & Patrice Roberts top contenders for Trinidad Carnival Road…

first_imgWith Trinidad Carnival less than a month away, masqueraders are eagerly binging on 2018’s new music to determine the most popular hit for the road. Although many considered Neil “Iwer” George’s Savannah the certified road march winner, the release of Soca Kingdom, a duet between international trailblazer Machel Montano and veteran Austin “SuperBlue” Lyons, seems to have stolen George’s thunder. Soca Kingdom was released late Friday afternoon to much surprise and amusement, according to social media.Representing the female soca artists, Patrice Roberts’ early entry of Sweet Fuh Days continues to reign as a fan favorite, with Lyons ironically making a cameo in the video.Which song deserves the crown this year? We’ll know the week of February 12th.last_img read more

Tom Mitchell: RISQ – Helping sportsbook platforms to deliver guaranteed margin solutions to clients

first_img Amelco continues international expansion with Colorado licence July 2, 2020 Alternative betting markets: short-term filler or long-term fixture? May 12, 2020 Related Articles Submit Share Share StumbleUpon Tom Mitchell – RISQIn partnership with sportsbook platform supplier Amelco, RISQ specialist in betting insurance, risk management and liquidity solutions, has announced the launch of its ‘fixed % trading models’.Allowing betting incumbents the option to operate markets on a fixed % of sports betting turnover over standard GGR models, SBC speaks to RISQ Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Tom Mitchell on the benefits of % change and how RISQ and Amelco seek to ‘redefine operator-client sports betting partnerships’ …_________________SBC: Hi Tom, thanks for this interview. Can you breakdown for SBC Audiences your partnership with Amelco, which seeks to disrupt several key components related to modern sportsbook practices? Tom Mitchell (Chief Commercial Officer – RISQ): Of course. Our partnership with Amelco allows them to offer their current and potential partners the option to remove the volatility of running a sportsbook.In essence, sportsbook operators have winning periods and losing periods and we are able to help sportsbook platform providers remove the latter for their partners. Instead, we allow Amelco to give them a fixed-guarantee based on turnover and volume.This allows sportsbook operators to concentrate on driving new player sign-ups, retaining punters and delivering a world-class experience to their customers.SBC: Hitting industry headlines, your partnership seeks to deliver a new platform trading model based on ‘fixed %’ of wagering turnover’ over the ‘standard GGR models’, why is this such a radical change for incumbents? TM: Sports betting is different from other gaming verticals in that the operator can have more extreme periods of profit and loss.This volatility in revenue makes it difficult for sportsbooks to allocate spend for key factors such as marketing and advertising, product development and technical support. Our solution removes the volatility and provides a steady revenue stream.This will be of particular benefit to online casino operators looking to launch sportsbooks as these companies are not used to such volatility. In fact, when most enquire about launching a sportsbook, they are surprised by the notion of a “losing month”.Our solution combines our unrivalled expertise in trading, risk and insurance to make this more palatable for such operators and also for current sportsbook operators who are not comfortable with the standard GGR models.It also offers  upsides to sports betting platform providers as they no longer have the issue of their operator partners calling them up first thing Monday morning after a weekend of losses complaining that they got their pricing wrong, and allows them to grow their market by signing on operators who have previously shied away from Sports due to the volatility.SBC: How does adjusting a bookmaker’s market % model, help bookmakers tackle scale complexities… why is having flexibility on % structures such an important asset?  TM: By taking away the uncertainty of whether they will be profitable or not, regardless of whether that is over a weekend, a month or a year. Our solution allows operators to plan marketing, acquisition and retention with a fixed budget. What is the benefit of this?They can focus on driving growth which in turn will allow them to scale much quicker and then operate sustainably in the long term. For online casino operators looking to expand into sports betting, it provides a more manageable revenue and profit model.SBC: RISQ competencies have focused on risk management and supplying liquidity, do you worry that Amelco partnership will be viewed as somewhat conflicting by industry stakeholders?   TM: Not at all…. as RISQ is not a platform technology provider. We are simply partnering with expert sportsbook platform providers and supporting their technologies and services with a non-risk solution for their operator partners.Our experience with insurance combined with our trading and quant team allows us to offer a complimentary service to established platform providers looking to deliver the best possible product to their operator partners.SBC: Beyond disrupting trading % models, where do you see this partnership developing further provisions for sportsbook operators?  TM: We are not just taking the risk away from online sportsbook operators; our trading team is also monitoring what platform providers are doing when it comes to markets and prices. It is in our interest to ensure they are pricing correctly, and we are aligned to help them deliver the best product they can.For Amelco’s operator partners – and the operator partners of subsequent platform providers we work with – this means they can be certain they are receiving the absolute best odds and prices for their given markets. In essence, we are acting as a third eye and are helping to make ongoing improvements.We also have plans to roll-out additional services and solutions and will be announcing more on that in the not too distant future.____________________Tom Mitchell – Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) – RISQ Amelco solidifies US presence with Continent 8 deal August 26, 2020last_img read more