The Challenge of Post Conflict Liberian National Police Leadership after UNMIL

first_imgFacing the challenge of a new age in post conflict Liberian National Police leadership relies on the 13 Cs of leadership. It is predicated upon “The 13 Cs of Leadership,” but I will elaborate on six for this occasion, which I wish to call on your critical thinking and philosophical assessment. The first C is CURIOSITY AS A LEADER:Specifically LNP leadership: This is very significant because it promotes an ongoing intellectual growth. As Black African people, specifically Liberian people, we must always be intolerant of ignorance, but understanding of illiteracy. That some of our people, unable to go to school, sometimes the faults are not of their own doing, were and are more intelligent than some of our college professors and Ph.Ds and other eulogical practitioners. It is never too late or old to learn, and learning is not a new or young thing. These people must not be left behind in our quest for advancement. With your capable leadership through LNP, we can take care of our own after UNMIL.The Second C: CREATIVITY:As LNP leaders, you have to be creative, innovative, with the power to manifest something new that will attract your followers in generating a collective team-players mentality. Creativity leads to positive change agents who always strive to make sense out of senseless situations of popular interest – to make the best out of the worst situation.The Third C: COMMUNICATION:An excellent grasp of language, with specific emphasis on Police Language, is virtually essential for a leader to lead. As LNP leaders, we must be able to communicate and easily articulate ideas and persuasively discuss concepts with others. Leaders have a willingness and ultimate desire to and generously share helpful, uplifting information, ideas, and knowledge. Communication is Key to constant connection and social networking.The Fourth C: CHARACTER:This addresses the inner, spiritual beauty of a leader. Character refers to a person’s, specifically a leader’s, sense of morality, and the moral and cultural values relevant to your belief systems, or what you relatively consider right or wrong. The Fifth C: CONVICTION:To have high ideas is a necessary qualitative condition for leadership. Leaders demonstrate conviction to ideas, values, and social norms that develop personal integrity, support society, and uplift the community at large. This must be a post-conflict Liberian National Police pledge moving forward – 15 years into the 21st Century to 2017 and beyond.The Six C: COURAGE:Failure is not a blow to a man’s ambitious march to his anticipated goal, but rather a test of his determination and optimism….COURAGE…….This means being committed to high ideas, even when outvoted by a majority, even when they say ‘you failed us.’ Failure is not a blow to man’s ambitious march to his anticipated goal, but rather a test of his determination and optimism; because, in the context of LNP Leadership, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in times of comfort or convenience, but where he stands in times of difficulty and controversies.” (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) In essence, I would like to critically elucidate a simple synopsis of a guiding principle for a 21st Century post 911 and post conflict LNP Respect Chart:I. As a 21st Century post 911 and post conflict LNP, our will is to serve humanity.II. We will always conduct ourselves in a professional manner and maintain a professional surrounding and an enabling environment.III. We will go beyond the normal to provide compassionate and family services to each other and our first customers (the people of Liberia and our partners in progress).IV. We will treat each other and our customers with respect, dignity, compassion, and a sense of oneness in humanity, land of nativity, and nationalism.V. We are the ones to teach others that act on one term of a shared commitment – each one teaches one. One loss of life of LNP is one too many.VI. We will work together and share information and ideas through social networking and collective consciousness of Law Enforcement – Criminal Justice – with Police Science by undoing our miss-education of the past; andVII. We will collectively remain open and consider all suggestions and ideas classified and de-classified that help our unified movement as LNP. Yet, we will remain vigilant and unambiguous of our alertness in an effort to avoid public panic and paranoia. Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the mind, the spirit, the soul, the community, and the world if appropriately utilized. For knowledge is power and the only cause of fear is ignorance. ”I have recently developed and presented the Law Enforcement-Criminal Justice-Police Science Curriculum to Cuttington University’s Faculty Senate, Academic Standing Committee, and it was accepted and approved to be taught at the institution. This will commence at the main campus in Suakoko with AA and BA degrees, and at the Junior College in Kakata with an AA degree, with an anticipated projection at the Cuttington University Graduate School with MA/Ph.D in Law Enforcement-Criminal Justice-Police Science. The Liberia National Police was established in accordance with section 180 of chapter 13, sub chapter “A” of the Executive Law in the Liberian Code of Law Volume 11 of 1955 within the department of Justice and reversed under Section 22.70 of the same Executive Law of June 12, 1955.Throughout the decades the LNP has educated its practitioners with certifications and qualifications. Based upon this analysis, it becomes imperative to articulate that contemporary perspectives of policing can be seen as law in action, as opposed to black letter law as printed. It is legal realism giving life to laws that are at once substance, procedural, and restorative, concerned with legality, but also with due process, and doing justice. In this way, policing in the context of the contemporary, and a 21st Century post conflict and post Ebola Liberian National Police, gives life to human rights.Victor Hugo told us many decades ago that “There is nothing more powerful in the entire world than an idea whose time has come.” I say as a follow up that “There is no vision that is greater than the fruition of a creative mind.”President of Tanzania Dr. Julius Nyerere articulated: “We are the custodians of the cultures of our ancestors, mothers and fathers. We are the perpetrators of the cultures of our children….we have no right to leave behind a culture that is less filtered than the ones our parents left to us.” The LNP leadership of post conflict Liberia must be cognizant of the fact that freedom only takes a free people to give it up. For in order to produce the future, you have to create the future. Because by truth Liberia will rise in peace again; in love, Liberia will expand with dignity again; and with redemption, atonement, and reconciliation, Liberia will never fall again. With God there are only possibilities.Honorable Director General of the Liberia National Police, to my fine and humanitarian government officials, and our UNMIL friends, I thank you ever so much for your time with us, and I appreciate all of your humanitarian safety and security obligations to our people and nation.I wish to respectfully submit to you my fellow LNP practitioners our risky obligations as police officers must be guided by what Dr. King told us many years ago that “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in times of comfort or convenience, but where he stands in times of difficulty and controversy.”I therefore wish to express to you fellow LNPs – Honorable Director General, that the faintest whisper of a heart that feels alone and abandoned comes before the heart of a loving father who will go to any length to comfort his children. Mr. Director General, the LNP is prepared and ready to comfort the nation after UNMIL. When all conscious protective mechanisms are in place, and I am optimistic that through you it will and must be done, for our domestic safety and security after UNMIL and beyond, we must take a stand against sins committed by ourselves in the past.UNMIL cannot protect us more than ourselves.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Don’t encourage them

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORE11 theater productions to see in Southern California this week, Dec. 27-Jan. 2160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Re: “Mayor resurrects office to assist immigrants regardless of status” (May 24): As I understand it, this program (Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs) is being revived because it is “needed to inform immigrants about city laws and how City Hall works.” Please explain the law that, if these people are here illegally, they have already broken. And please, don’t encourage them by telling them that there is a chance that they, like other illegals, might get good-paying jobs with our Department of Water and Power. Instead, close this office being funded by federal (that’s us) money, and ask that it be spent on controlling our borders. Anita Work Sylmar Start with mayor Re: “Mayor resurrects office to assist immigrants regardless of status” (May 24): We vote in a mayor whose only goal, it seems, is to protect the illegal population with funding from the legal citizens. Our mayor is pressing to resurrect the Office of Immigrant Affairs to assist new illegal arrivals to L.A. If they are not here legally, the office should not be available to them. What is our mayor doing for the legal citizen? I’m tired of seeing him abuse his office to turn our city into a mess. He participates, aids and encourages illegals’ groups and gatherings. Why isn’t he working on citizens’ needs? I think it’s time to get rid of all these bad influences let’s start with our mayor. Myra Lazar Woodland Hills Exit exams are back Re: “Court reinstates exit exams” (May 25): At last, some sanity from the California Supreme Court to reinstate the exit exams. Some disappointed students, no doubt, who will not be eligible to graduate and receive a diploma, which they did not deserve in the first place. These exams can be taken again and they do not appear to be that difficult. We should not be giving a pass to students who do not make the grade for fear of hurting their self-esteem. This only undermines their competitiveness in the workplace and gives a feeling of entitlement that they cannot live up to. Pamela Franklin Granada Hills Employment verifying Re: “Senate OKs creation of vast employment verification system” (May 24): The Senate voted Tuesday to create a system which would require employers to send the government information on newly hired employees. The government would then notify the employer if the employee is not authorized to work in the U.S. and require that he be fired. Wonderful! A productively employed illegal alien becomes an unemployed illegal alien whose whereabouts will be unknown. Does he now go on welfare, become a beggar or a thief? Instead of notifying the employer about his illegal worker, why not notify the INS? The INS can then find him and do whatever is legally required. No, I don’t support deportation or making someone a felon for a phony crime. I just don’t like stupid laws. Ernst F. Ghermann Winnetka A Democratic thing Re: “Capturing the center” (Editorial endorsement, May 24): So the Daily News is anti-Angelides because the treasurer is “unapologetically” a Democrat. Funny, we Democrats consider that a plus. Damian Carroll Van Nuys Evil ruler into clown Re: “Trial turns evil ruler into clown” (Their Opinions, May 24): Richard Cohen wants to know why the crimes of Saddam Hussein did not figure into the thinking of those condemning the war in Iraq as morally wrong. His reference to Darfur answers his own question. America is not the world’s police force, using some trumped-up justification to invade a country of prejudiced choice. What gives us that right? It’s a big world out there with numerous murderous dictators practicing crimes based on discrimination, including genocide. It appears that Bush and his warlords thought they had a pushover in Iraq and a good source of oil. David Pine Northridge Rent control Re: “Communism, capitalism meet in L.A.” (Viewpoint, May 21): Walter Moore, real estate broker and attorney, writes: “Tying up the old (rent-controlled apartment) units guarantees the rents for all the new units will be much higher than otherwise … ” Really! So if rent controls are eliminated, it will result in the decline of currently astronomical rents on newer apartments to a more “reasonable” level? I rather think the opposite: Eliminate rent controls in the city and watch all rents skyrocket. To reduce inflated home prices, does Moore also favor the elimination of the 1978 rent-control equivalent for California homeowners, Proposition 13? Valerie Yaros Studio City Yard sales Re: “What a deal” (Valley News, May 24): I’d like to remind your staff writer and Barbara Morse and Mark Caplan, along with everyone else who does the same thing, that there is a responsibility not to violate the city’s municipal codes. These violations are a misdemeanor offense punishable by a fine of $1,000 per offense and/or six months in jail. Posting of signs on public utility poles, trees, etc., LAMC 28.04(a) and Obstructions of Sidewalks & Streets, LAMC 56.08 (a). It would have been a better story if Mark Kellam would have taken down the “Huge Yard Sale” sign and removed the nails or staples or tacks. Marilyn White-Sedel Studio City His word Re: “Duh! Vinci?” (Your Opinions, May 23): Despite expressed concern about “facts,” Dick Denne’s diatribe is short on them. He says that “every word found in written form was written down many centuries after the so-called fact.” In fact, though, we have parts of the Gospels from 125 A.D. and full copies from about 200 A.D. hardly “many centuries” later. Furthermore, those of us foolish enough to trust a text which has more than 300 fulfilled prophecies (with none missed) and ignorant enough to believe in God, know that such a God could see to it that reliable copies of his word are passed down through the ages. Gregg Frazer Castaic Reject the message Re: “Duh! Vinci?” (Your Opinions, May 23): Some research on “fact” is in order. The only disclaimer Dick Denne is entitled to is that there are no complete original Gospel manuscripts. When it comes to the writings from antiquity, that is common and not unique to Scripture. What is unique to the New Testament is that there are 24,000 manuscript copies in existence. The time gap from the original to the first copy is less than 100 years, not centuries, as you stated. Secular writing such as Homer’s “Iliad” has a 1,000-year gap from his writing and the first preserved copy. You don’t have to believe what Scripture says God gave you that free choice but you cannot state as fact that Gospels are fiction, only that you personally refuse to believe and reject the message, as I do the Gnostic writings. Lisa Hahn Newhall Above board How can it be that in other parts of the U.S. where there are very few illegal immigrants, ditches still get dug, houses reroofed, hotel rooms cleaned and lawns mowed? I checked with my relatives in the upper Midwest to see if it cost 40 bucks an hour to get these services done, and guess what the pay scale back there is about the same as it is here. At least it is for hiring American citizens and paying them “above the table.” Eric Olson Chatsworth Nuclear commitment The president is pushing for construction of nuclear power plants. The general reaction has been “not in my backyard.” I have a suggestion that would aid his approval rating and show that he’s not in fact all oil: build one at the Crawford Ranch. Hal Rothberg Calabasas last_img read more