Valencia – Athletic | A great draw

first_imgGoals0-1, 14 ‘: Marcos Llorente, 1-1, 39 ‘: Gabriel Paulista, 1-2, 42 ‘: Thomas, 2-2, 58 ‘: Kondogbia But Llorente has raised his forehead and Atleti then too. Valencia watched him shrunk. No pass, no connections, heartless, as if still in Getafe. It didn’t matter that Parejo delayed his position, to help, try to steal, distribute, for nothing, all in vain. The Atleti filled every corner, with ball and without ball, coral. Valencia only found mines on the roads to Oblak, which has velcro on the gloves, capable of keeping every ball that flies over its area like lost bullets. As with football he could not, he tried the Valencia corner kick, which Celades has in his team a soccer player with the peephole, Parejo. In the nth he shot the second stick that nobody expected. He received Maxi, who focused on the heart of the area, where Paulista was waiting to put his head in. 1-1. Blow by blow. Impossible to stop FerranFerran sneaked into Lodi in the area as soon as the second part began and caused an immediate movement in the Cholo. Vrsaljko inside, Arias on the left. Atletico was bleeding again from the wound lately, the ball stopped. He forced the foul Soler and, as soon as Parejo threw it, the danger swirled over Oblak. No rojiblanco knew how to get that bomb out of his air, Kondogbia finished it, from the ground, as if crying. It was worth the same. Electricity was cut in the air. I was in the frantic exchange of disputes and careers. Valencia getting faster, getting better. “Pressure makes diamonds,” said General Patton. And Ferran kept shining. A dagger on the right.Simeone was now taking Arias away, to see if with Saul he was able to stop him, but neither, even if he had put all his men in front of him. There were minutes for Morata and that order between the roar: balls by looking for him. But the whole ball of Valencia, was played at the feet of Oblak, what Ferran wanted. Your football is well worth the cost of an entry. Your dribbles, a torture, your goal gifts passes… But first Gameiro sent him to the clouds and then Maxi too. And Simeone responded with more gunpowder, Carrasco, but Thomas could no longer find a goal with a cannon shot. And Vrsaljko found Morata but his header cleared Jaume.The game was coming. Without truce, there is no war. Valencia was running in stampede, throwing Gayà in front of Oblak. But he always stamped with the goalkeeper, the best Cholo armor. THe ended the game with Celades losing another man, Paulista, ankle. Bruised were the rest, all others, bruised but firm, with a point that nobody serves at all, in a draw that was great, in this battle on the banks of the Turia. Atlético did not accuse him. He got up, cleaned his clothes and turned his eyes back to Jaume. Two minutes later Simeone was back in front. He had beaten his particular ‘thomashawk’. Most effective impossible: two shots, two goals. ChangesVrsaljko (52 ‘, Renan Augusto), Gameiro (59 ‘, Gonçalo Guedes), Morata (65 ‘, Santiago Arias), Carrasco (76 ‘, Koke), Cheryshev (79 ‘, Carlos Soler), Mouctar Diakhaby (93 ‘, Gabriel Paulista) The battle for the Champions on the banks of the Turia began at nine o’clock at night. The brush of the ball with the grass sounded like bugles. Nerves filled the field, the two similar teams. Rushed, but brave, looking at each play the rival. He played many games that Atletico did not come out with such high pressure. Valencia was trembling at the start of the ball. A Valencia with Guedes disguised as Rodrigo and Mangala occupying the gap left by Garay’s lack. Del Cholo was the beginning. His weapon was called rhombus.Thus he ordered his midfielders. Koke hitch, Thomas anchor, Saul on his left and Llorente on his right. An omnipresent Llorente. That stole, folded and hovered. Around his name Mestalla chewed danger. It was after a robbery, a pass back from Vitolo and a center of Correa. It was that the ball touched in Paulista, that he did not succeed to clear, and Llorente was at the penalty spot, camouflaged with the suit of ‘9’. He knew how to tame the bounced ball. His goal helps to leave behind several ghosts. The red against Chivas, the lack of minutes, all his races with his head bowed and his mind braced. CardsReferee: David Medié JiménezVAR Referee: Ignacio Iglesias VillanuevaRenan Augustus (25 ‘, Yellow) Gabriel Paulista (54 ‘, Yellow) Vrsaljko (57 ‘, Yellow) Mangala (66 ‘, Yellow) Maxi Gomez (78 ‘, Yellowlast_img read more

4 Ways to Stretch Your Retirement Fund

first_imgGetting physically fit takes discipline, effort, and more than a little energy to get to where you want to be. Regularly moving your body and sticking to a fitness plan isn’t easy, and doing so is certainly commendable—and comes with… Full Story,Table of Contents Benefits of Working During Retirement Phased Retirement Types of Employment Recommended Jobs for Seniors  Resources for Seniors  Retirement looks different for everyone. Some people dream of playing golf and visiting their grandchildren, while others see it as… Full Story,A study conducted by Charles Schwab just last year found that three in five Americans live paycheck to paycheck, yet only one in four has a written financial plan. In fact, the majority of Americans are hesitant to receive any… Full Story,Life is unpredictable. Some days aren’t all sunshine, like when your car breaks down or your house needs a repair. These situations happen to everyone. That’s why it’s important to save while things are going well, so you can cover… Full Story,Structure is the key to growth. Without a solid foundation – and a road map for the future – it’s easy to spin your wheels and float through life without making any headway. Planning allows you to prioritize your time,… Full Story,Car accidents are not only scary but also a monumental hassle. That’s largely thanks to what comes after the accident itself.   After an accident, you’ll likely have to spend ample time on the phone with your insurer. Then there’s dealing… Full Story,If you’re a furloughed government employee, you are likely feeling a good deal of stress and uncertainty about how to manage your finances during the government shutdown. While missing a paycheck is a financial moment no one wants to experience,… Full Story,Buried underneath paying bills, digging out of a debt hole, and saving for your kids’ college is the marathon of money goals: retirement. Cue the fantasies of spending your days at a leisurely pace, working on The Great American Novel—at… Full Story,When I’m on top of finances, I’m all up in my money management apps, checking my balances and the swift progress I’ve been making on my savings goals. But when things aren’t going so hot? I’m like an ostrich with… Full Story,With all of today’s home-based tech gadgets and virtual personal assistants, smart homes are quickly becoming ubiquitous. And with high demand for connected products, so too comes ease of use, accessibility and affordability.   But as with all expenses, it’s important… Full Storylast_img read more

Palm Oil Mill Data: A Step Towards Transparency

first_imgFigure 2. A mill’s sourcing area overlaps Taman Negara National Park, Malaysia (included in the World Database on Protected Areas).Mill DistributionThis unprecedented data set consists of 782 palm oil mills, spread across 15 countries. As anticipated, the vast majority of these mills are found in Malaysia (50 percent) and Indonesia (44 percent). Production outside of the Southeast Asia region now accounts for 6 percent of the global market, as detected by WRI’s new data set, in countries as diverse as Ecuador, Colombia, Ghana and Sudan. Of these, Colombia possesses the most mills with just under 2 percent, or 15 mills, surpassing the Asian palm oil producing countries like Thailand and India.Within Indonesia, palm oil mills are largely concentrated in a few provinces. Nearly 13 percent of all mills included in the data are in the Riau province of Sumatra, Indonesia, which is also a hotspot for recent fires that caused severe haze and alarming air quality. Palm oil production, a major driver of deforestation in the humid tropics, especially in Indonesia and Malaysia, poses potential reputational risks to companies associated with it. Recognizing these risks, a growing number of firms have announced ambitious commitments to reduce or even completely remove deforestation from their supply chains. The zero-deforestation pledges of more than 50 companies leave the world awaiting the translation of commitments to change.One of the big challenges facing corporations in is tracing palm oil through large and complex supply chains to commercial product. By locating areas of production, companies can identify deforestation risk throughout their supply chains and then engage suppliers and monitor behavior to make progress. But for most companies, tracking palm oil to the farm where it’s grown is difficult, costly and time-consuming. An increasing number of processors, traders, and buyers have, however, begun taking the important interim step of tracing their supply chains to the mill level.A new data set launched on Global Forest Watch Commodities helps to globally map palm oil supply chains by showing the locations of almost 800 mills. Created by World Resources Institute, the traceability platform KnownSources, from FoodReg and several processors, traders, and buyers, the mill data provides a clearest picture of palm oil production publicly available. It creates new opportunities to analyze production areas and mills on a global scale, as well as to focus attention on new areas where palm oil production is having an impact on forests.Changing the Game for Deforestation AnalysesMill locations can indicate where palm fruit is processed as well as where palm plantations are located. Because it is highly perishable, fresh palm fruit must be processed within 24 hours of harvest, limiting plantation sourcing to an approximate 30-mile (50 km) radius around the mill, according to company estimates (though this may vary depending on available infrastructure, such as road density and quality). This means analyzing the area immediately surrounding a mill can reveal useful information about plantations that fall within its sourcing area. When used with other data layers on the Global Forest Watch Commodities platform, the new mill data set can help companies identify mills in environmentally sensitive areas. Figure 1. A mill’s sourcing radius (outlined by the red circle) contains oil palm concessions and overlaps both intact and degraded primary forest.center_img Figure 3. Distribution of mills.Implications for the FutureThe new data represents the most comprehensive set of palm oil mills assembled to date. However, the total number of palm oil mills in the world is unknown and the data set, although large, only represents the mills within the supply chains of a handful of traders and buyers. It is difficult to determine what portion of total mills is captured in the data, but it is certainly a significant improvement in transparency and traceability for the palm oil industry. Continuing contributions will add to this data set as more companies realize the importance of traceability and good stewardship in a globally competitive market.last_img read more

NASA is launching an asteroidsampling space probe today

first_imgThe next phase in NASA’s exploration of asteroids begins today with the launch of the OSIRIS-REx mission. This probe will travel millions of miles through space to reach an asteroid called Bennu, at which time it will take a sample of the asteroid and return it to Earth. You can watch this mission kick off live later today (September 8th).The asteroid Bennu (technically called 101955 Bennu) is not particularly remarkable on its own — it’s a carbonaceous asteroid (the most common type) that is almost 500 meters (a third of a mile) in diameter. The only remarkable thing is that its orbit takes it very close to Earth. In fact, its orbit crosses Earth’s, and there’s a small chance (roughly 1 in 2,700) that it could hit us in the 22nd century. Its close proximity makes it a good target for the OSIRIS-REx mission.The launch is currently scheduled for 7:05 PM Eastern, but the NASA coverage will go live at 4:30 PM on the NASA TV stream. The OSIRIS-REx probe will be launched on an Atlas-V rocket operated by ULA. The trip to rendezvous with Bennu will take several years, at which time the spacecraft will begin a comprehensive 505-day surface mapping mission. This will help NASA choose a location for the next step.The ultimate goal of this launch is to get a sample of an asteroid back to Earth that hasn’t been scorched by falling through the atmosphere in the normal way. OSIRIS-REx will descend to within 5 meters of the asteroid and extend a sampling arm that is designed to scoop up as much as 4.4 pounds of regolith from the surface. The sample arm has a built-in 5-second timer that ensures the probe will back away to avoid a collision.The sample should be returned to Earth in 2023, giving scientists a chance to examine unspoiled samples of primordial material from the early solar system. Asteroids like Bennu are believed to contain the same organic molecules that were found on planets like Earth when they formed — the same molecules that eventually gave rise to life. Studying Benuu could give us a glimpse into your own past. It all starts with today’s launch.last_img read more