The number of site outside the chain of slow growth analysis

2. chain form

said: "we may understand the audit audit more, is in love with sea received your articles, but also may carry on" two review "of your article, only checked to put out, according to the same ha it network Xiaobian for many years the chain work experience, Xiaobian outside there is also the chain mechanism, especially foreign chain lack of regular one-time release of a large number of the chain, the audit time will be very long, even included directly deleted again, no chance to see the light, so you outside of the chain also will stop growing or slow snake powder to avoid the chain, so we review Shanghai love machine to increase the number of the chain website. read more

Webmaster website optimization techniques do know the head


website optimization is one of the main factors to achieve site keywords ranking, through the website to bring good benefits for the webmaster, you need to head the contents of every webmaster friends carefully designed website, here the author some website optimization techniques and share head. Friendly reminder: every novice webmaster friends head set to do what, not greedy nor be greedy.

two, website optimization settings skills. Head

1, title website optimization techniques

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From the Bible to optimize the nobility baby Shanghai Longfeng Enlightenment (two)

and mass is different, each industry has its own authoritative directory, find and submit. It can not only help included, more important is to enhance the website weight, but also enhance the correlation. This website is a cumulative. Sometimes a strong correlation between the website Web site to help is beyond imagination.

review: from the Bible are noble baby optimization Shanghai Longfeng Enlightenment (1)


observation of spider

site is a simple matter, do not need to submit to many search engines, only need to submit the mainstream search engine on the line, and then forget about this thing. Do some things should be done, such as updating the content, such as the construction of the link and so on. Don’t repeat submission. read more

A if you want to become a Shanghai master the basic qualities which need to optimize the Dragon

believe that every new Shanghai dragon keyword optimization for this novice has a goal, determined to become a good Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel, become the industry master get good grades. It really is like this, I started to enter the Shenzhen website optimization when this line of thought so, thinking since the decision in this line will make a difference in this line can reflect their own value. Just this practice has been over a year, that is still on a treadmill, I did not shorten between the actual and target distance, but a little farther. The reason, I think maybe it’s because I this year has no clear direction, do not understand how to achieve this goal towards the direction of. Still want to become the industry elite, so re-examine themselves and the distance between the target, clear oneself to become a good Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel need to possess the basic qualities which, and the required skills. I gradually summarize the previous experience and lessons from the predecessors to understand, to become a master in Shenzhen Shanghai dragon optimization, website construction of Shanghai Longfeng optimization industry can make a difference, some of the basic quality of the following must have. read more

Love Shanghai to promote the basis of Article 1 – account login and view information

3. to enter this page is love Shanghai promotion background landing page for the first time on the need to install the security controls (input password, click on the map) to install the plug-in (preferably after preservation and plug-in installation, directly installed if possible not installed). At the same time because of vicious competition, 360 security guards will report to Shanghai plug Trojan, please don’t delete

will be verified through post login to the promotion of the background page, as shown in figure read more

Look at the way love Shanghai algorithm and the algorithm of Scindapsus Scindapsus

some sites due to the regular optimization time is too long, the effect is not obvious, in an attempt to improve their website ranking in the search engines through hyperlinks to buy high weight, with money in exchange for cheating links, search engine and user for ranking, this kind of love is the object of Shanghai heavy blow to.

at the beginning of 2013, Shanghai launched a love called "combat link trading behavior Scindapsus algorithm", in 2012, Shanghai made a love link cheating adjustment and blow. The main object of attack intention behavior affect the ranking of search results through hyperlinks to cheat in the exams. And in 2013 the green algorithm is hyperlink for cheating combat upgrade. From this two attack, can know love Shanghai for hyperlink cheating and cheating in an attempt to control the search results of the attitude is very tough. read more

A short video of the Carnival on Entrepreneurial mimicrySummary of a site for a novice and some sugg

it’s not innovation, it’s a compromise of reality, because of the domestic user creativity

my first contact with the Internet was in high one, in 2000. I remember very clearly, in an Internet bar inside, the Internet cafe’s boss gave me the election of the machine, taught me the internet. That is what all don’t understand, holding the mouse did not know how to use, at random, the pay 20 dollars to Internet access fees, only less than 10 minutes to go out, because you don’t really understand what they don’t know little, chaos. Time in the past 10 years, although he claims to be network age ten years, but I still know little about network technology, just know a little fur. So now back when to station, no technology, no purpose, no idea, a whole "three noes" of personnel, rushed to buy the domain name space, in a hurry on the line, is really admire oneself. I believe the intention is to practice it, and no other idea, if that is to make money, my income has now occupation can maintain my high quality of life, if it is boring, I can put your feet up to watch adult action movies in the office, just because of his chest. A restless heart. So I built a station. read more

Expert site optimization essential tools recommended

text editor software

, 4 light years log analyzer

keyword tool quick analysis pluginPageRank

website optimization often have to deal with keywords, Jinhua keyword tool is most suitable for mining business value, easily find low competition, high conversion keywords. Keywords mining in the lottery website optimization software source code, using this tool, the largest mass mining tens of thousands of the most suitable for the optimization of key words. Keywords fusion Taobao, Jingdong, pat, Dangdang, Amazon and other major mall mining. The only query keywords competition, optimization of difficulty, only while providing love and love Shanghai Shanghai index search volume tool. read more

From an old watch Wangzhuan and quality problemsHow can we make money through the nternet

for our different sites, we can adapt to their own way, do information website, in order to quickly obtain revenue, you can sell things, increase Mall function. Do mall in order to attract users, you can first do information, do forums. According to their actual situation, to find a suitable profit model, the survival and development of the site is indeed very important.

can see baseless invective and very vulgar words.

first, what is the network, fundamentally speaking, the network is a new way of information transmission, and the previous registration, television, radio purposes, is the form of different. For example, the cost is relatively low, easy to release new content, and large amount of information, without time and space control. read more

Dry cargo 3 love Shanghai keywords weight lifting technology, to help you in the top 3.

two, do this line is optimized only will optimize it? If you think so, it is destined to be a Commissioner of the chain. I think that optimization is the door, understand everything the expert, not only to understand the optimization, but also to understand the front, but also to understand the program, if you can understand the point of art, the best copywriting level again, ha ha, Shanghai Longfeng optimization that is the most niubi.

unfortunately, this perfect person is really rare, so we should not be too greedy, know a little programming. Some people will be tired, why do optimization but also to understand the program? How about you do not engage in website open source? You don’t contact with the open source program template? Do people write a template you used them also? " read more

2013 search prospects, who can kill love Shanghai

3 information more safe and reliable, it is said that when the user search keywords clearly point to a website, 360 search will show the official website address should be certified free, not to the bidding sales website keywords.

360, because although before 360, 3721 search, a rogue lineage, but the 360 is one of the few can really bring threat to the love of Shanghai enterprises, soso Sogou of poor quality, can not find the direction of Google, even the doors are not directly, so the existence of 360 anyhow, let us see the hope to the webmaster. 15 and the 360 announced open platform strategy, which includes three points: read more

Experience can learn from The Legend of Zhen Huan in Shanghai Longfeng experience

the first to talk about the "The Legend of Zhen Huan" a bit of feeling after reading, after the Shanghai dragon experience. Harem of three thousand, to always get the love of the emperor, the emperor’s heart will know. In many years, Zhen Huan has ups and downs in disgrace, complex graces should become three thousand to Scarlett in the grace of a woman not only because of her beauty, her talent, it is because she learned more about her "pillow", know that the emperor likes and dislikes, know how to do to get the Emperor’s trust and favor. This is my biggest reading comprehension, so the story and we do have the same great Shanghai dragon. read more

Discussion on how to choose the wrong keywords flow interception accident

this one word can see someone search, but because it is a mistake, we can see what the site basically no competition. As long as we mistake the reasonable use of the word appropriate keywords layout, we will easily get through this one word traffic accident.

wrong is a good way for the small site for the traffic accident, but when using this method we should be moderate, excessive use will be your site should lose professional degree. I hope this is helpful for you.

for the grass-roots webmaster want to use search engines to get more traffic and not a very simple thing. Some of the high traffic keywords are often large and medium-sized site firmly in the hands, if we directly in these words with these large and medium-sized sites against, often just egg stone, with little success. Some Adsense might suggest that we do indeed have the long tail keywords, long tail keywords competition is small, easy to get traffic effect. But the long tail keywords also have certain competitive, so there is no way is more efficient and low degree of competition? Yes, I today share a how to intercept the traffic accident with the wrong word wrong way. read more

Bean shell chain promotion skills

as to how the question and answer, the pupil knows, but suggested the following:

account, we can begin to answer the promotion. (Ps recommendation: first look perfect small data, such as age, residence of these fill this real point)

must first enrich the content of the website, the do it yourself, I can’t help you.

1. when presented with a problem, do not immediately change a number to the best answer, wait a moment, for so long, personal advice on.


first we know a few things:

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Beginners guide to web log analysis

site log, view the log from code to log analysis of the problem solving is well known. In fact, web log analysis is not difficult, but the novice don’t understand the meaning, will have a problem. Slowly see more web log you will understand the meaning. I am here to lucky racing site log as an example, to novice how to quick start this work.


spider crawling the return type of


#Date: 2013->

2, The analysis is very easy for the old webmaster work

(4) code 302, said the temporary redirect. read more

2015 New Year’s day love Shanghai K how to deal with what reason

Research Institute Shanghai dragon network researcher found that the K station so many webmasters design scope, be taken by surprise, the design depth in 2014 several love Shanghai adjustment doesn’t match. Just when everyone said of the situation, Shanghai Dragon Network Research Association launched the Shanghai Association for the study of Xiao Chai Longfeng network observers were analyzed one by one investigation and the phenomenon of webmaster feedback problems.

love the official website of Shanghai read more

Analysis on the search engine.

in the log file, clear record of the amount of each search engine grab, such as love, Shanghai Google, Sogou search engine crawl records, we can record, using the DOS or Linux command to achieve, the search engine is determined by the amount and quality of the crawl to decide, when the quality at the same time, spiders crawl bigger, then included will be more, we were in the log analysis, must know the amount of crawling spider every day in the end is what the situation, and every day to record, perhaps the absolute value can not explain what, we can go to see the trend when one day, grab the volume trend in the fall, we will find the reason. read more

Long tail keywords you do or do not flow to where it is

1, we must first create a spider like.

1, through the imagination to guess, and a combination of love Shanghai index for reference, this is the most primitive way the most stupid.

five is the most common and most effective.

5, also some of the free tools for mining long tail keywords mining, the most convenient.

second: the long tail keywords mining work.


mining the long tail keywords, we have to do is to optimize the long tail keywords, the only way easier and more convenient for their site’s long tail keywords have good ranking in the search engine, the author is not good in the long winded directly on the content. Tip: you can extrapolate to do more long tail keywords, because it’s all the same. read more

Google launched Google doodle new website and souvenir shop (map)

                                                              & nbsp;                        

in addition, Google is also on the Zazzle贵族宝贝 website launched Google doodle store. Through the store, users can Google doodle printed on clothes, cards, postcards, stickers, stamps and other items. The store offers all Google graffiti from the beginning of 2000. Previously, only Google store sales staff with the Google doodle design souvenirs, and employees of Google store is not open to the public. read more

About Shanghai Pyramid Longfeng matrix ranking technology thinking

recently in Fuqing Shanghai dragon blog reader comments about Shanghai Longfeng Pyramid matrix ranking technology, the author’s first reaction is to share in the Shanghai dragon Why before an illustrated article – Shanghai dragon Pyramid model. Through the exchange, the network rumors of Shanghai Longfeng Pyramid matrix ranking technology is a different mode of thinking. In Shanghai love search to see most of the article is so described: Pyramid ranked matrix technology refers to a large number of relevant pages to form cross links, these cross links form a closed loop matrix, from the bottom to the top step recursive, eventually converging to a large Pyramid, in order to achieve the main keyword weight is piled high with the purpose. read more