The bonus period has passed. How should the WeChat public number run in 2015

this year, how many people, how many companies registered in the WeChat public? Said there are tens of millions of public numbers, many of them have been operating for several years. Large, they almost drew all eyes, but now too much information already on the information overload caused by user interference, more and more people every day just open a separate public number, so we don’t even open, how these new registered public number? We have no content, no flow, no fans, no attraction, how to break the read more

Student stationmaster experience of doing local portal station share

after more than a month, Taizhou information network, I am one year old, this past year is really to sour, sweet, bitter, hot variety of tastes, remember last summer internship in a studio, met a friend, in his recommendation, I made this website.

then I will talk about my experience of the Taizhou information network portal station (of course now may not even old portals, barely a), good experience to share learning experience is not good, when to give you a negative example, I hope you learn a lesson. (because at the very beginning, I know little about this industry. I didn’t know the webmaster or webmaster until recently. Recently, I came to study almost every day. I was not a compliment. I really benefited from these stations.) read more

My view on the development prospect of website Market

at present, website market appears to be faced with a few years ago Chinese appliance market price situation, on the one hand is the development of Web site on the other hand manufacturers be too numerous to enumerate, the price from a few thousand to hundreds of dollars. I believe that will be the same as the home appliance market, the site market is about to appear once again the survival of the fittest shuffle. Here, write out some of my personal views.

grim reality,


website has at present, disaster caused by flooding water in the market, small to a few hundred dollars or even a few hundred yuan website template can buy website system source code. Companies that develop websites are everywhere, and basically, any Internet company, especially system integrators, can claim to have developed its own web site. Many powerful companies have to face a lot of competition partners at a competitive price lower than their price. read more

Talking about the operation rules of micro-blog and WeChat

these years, we are from the media, new media surrounded by mobile phone with computer function more and more consistent, have changed the nature of our lives, we will say that the Internet is a tool used to read the news, play games. Now the Internet has become a social thing for the air. Think of the famous experiment, a high school teacher in a glass into a full glass stone, ask the students can also be installed? Students that can not be installed, then the teacher found some small stones in the void in the cup, then ask the students can also have installed? All shook his head, then the teacher got sand in the cup. The story may have been heard by the students, I want to say is that this cup can also be loaded, continue to install water, water is full, you can install it?. Well, this glass we can imagine as society, the air is the Internet, it has been everywhere in your life. read more

Talking about the important accomplishment of network editing

to the current network editor has more than two years of time, the impression of a lot of people are believed to edit the network occupation too boring, sometimes even think the network editor many times just like machinery, to release to the network to copy some articles, most can only be released to write a few articles about what can not focus on place. Think he had had a day to the network to find and release hundreds of articles of this essay, I remember a day out of office, his eyes seemed to be still a text on the page, but after a period of time, slowly realize network editor is not so simple, although these dull work may start the contact, but the network editors more can have a great influence, so as to network editor of this occupation also has a corresponding requirements, the following is the personal view of network editors more important accomplishment, as follows. read more

Moral Sutra explains that the fall of Nora is a very difficult road

[introduction] if you think this article is a slogan, then you’re wrong. In front of many articles written, in fact, are written down step by step, the content of continuity, but chapters are also little impact on reading. A lot of content about heart, heart strong, invincible. Mentality, vision, pattern and so on, these things say more, for different people, the effect is not the same, because the heart is different.

one, Avenue very Yi, its person good path

this sentence from Lao Tzu "moral", to express the true meaning of Lao Tzu, this article is certainly not my understanding that I say is the most superficial "too literally.". Lao Tzu said the avenue, is the right direction of Dao, enlightenment, way. This means that people body, and then, the enlightenment, leading to the road is very flat, but because the road is too common, too simple, people tend to ignore it but want to approach through a simpler and more convenient to Dao, enlightenment, and finally has deviated from the tao. Speak a little, think it over yourself. We just love that ordinary people use this phrase to warn those who walk crooked ways doings. read more

Do a little bit of my experience in website promotion

searched on the Internet, introduced the website promotion method article, a big basket. There is also a high perspicacity, the fish in troubled waters. To sum up, I find that most of the articles are so rough that they tend to ignore something that seems unimportant and may make a big mistake. Here, I combine my two years of experience in the construction of the station, to improve the site traffic needs to pay attention to some details of the issue of a summary. I have many There is no end for learning., not in place, I wish to see the revision and supplement, take my station read more

[] the count of network to play, write an independent blog.


independent blog runs its own blog. And join the blog organization, recommend your own ideas and articles. The meaning of such an independent blog is whether you can persist, introspection, self study, self-control, and sometimes this independent blog is the window that others understand you. Can even serve as an economic source. You write something, have the right to obtain the value, but the premise is that people see.

, have you just been to college?. Do you want to have a platform to do something and record your talents?. Don’t go to any garbage society. Where you can’t learn, it just hits you. Of course, a good team, you must not let go ah. read more

Adult supplies the first 15 years of entrepreneurial road operators Huanxitang

now society, spoke of "Adult supplies", still have most of the people can not accept, thousands of years of thought and culture has been rooted in our hearts, too trendy things not everyone can accept changran. The first to open up the market of entrepreneurs but he is wise, in this market a blank when he grabbed the opportunity; most people are not acceptable in this product, he dare to explore this deserted; when the original partner to give up to leave, he can still stick to the dream of entrepreneurship, so not everyone has courage. read more

How do make my website P ten thousand per day

first of all I have to say myself, I am not a webmaster perfect in every respect more than a master station, my art is very poor, I basically have to do is to find a friend of my art, so, I usually, I use the set of procedures, such as moving easily, such as a cloud. Then find a friend to design a good template, he began to add the article, do stand! I’m not nonsense, first out of my station, Chongqing net

at the beginning of the site, this is every webmaster headache, various problems will haunt you, site name, site content, site development direction, and the site is another source of advertising position, just begin to do so, these problems, you should consider carefully, few to solve the problem, after that it is to add articles and site publicity, and see their statistics! Well, we began to do stand read more

A self-confident female stationmaster’s webmaster’s Road

early 09, I was carrying an innocent heart into the webmaster forum door. I saw a variety of transactions and technical sections, immediately let me full of interest. In order to send a transaction paste, temporarily do not know how to start. Do you have such experience? But in helping webmaster forum administrator, on how to send a transaction with a preliminary understanding, is constantly groping their own, have a preliminary understanding of the circle.

from the beginning of a small Miao long station, into the development of the station now. Inseparable from the support and care of the webmaster circle. The decision that makes me want to install in stationmaster circle, it is the enthusiasm that source and stationmaster circle person, find business in stationmaster circle and make more stationmaster friend. read more

Development proposals for new websites

, domain name and space choice.

this is a necessary condition for the establishment of the domain name is a must; if you do not want to spend money space can be used for free, just free advertising, website development, free space providers recommend the use of free software ( The domain name space recommended buy goods nets ( or China data ( service, Tiger wing net ( can also be considered.

two, website filing.

it is important that the non filing website is illegal and does not conform to the state regulations. The record is actually very simple, visit the website of the Ministry of information industry (, registered an account, registration must use the actual mobile phone number and email, the Ministry of information industry will issue the corresponding registration code to mobile phone and email, and enter the two register to complete the registration. After registration must submit the record information of the website, including the domain name, IP address list, the domain name space service provider name, address, ID number or business registration information, the person in charge and other relevant information, submit the lost after twenty days, the left and right time approval results down, will be issued to your registered mailbox, and then the related record information to the domain name and space service providers, and the corresponding position is uploaded to the site, your site can be opened in the operation, can be normal upload and download pages. read more

Experience sharing how do apply for the promotion of Baidu Network Alliance

online circulating a statement, Baidu said to have a preference for hanging Baidu web promotion ", and included in the rankings will have a little advantage. For this statement, I communicate with most of the webmaster, most of which is to deny this view. But I prefer to believe some attitude, try holding the mentality to apply for Baidu theme promotion, if the argument is not to Weakness lends wings to rumours.? Baidu alliance page, spend tens of seconds to verify the site, spend tens of seconds to fill out the registration information, the second day passed, I excitedly found that only through the search for the promotion of cooperation and promote new business cooperation, the most critical web promotion but also be applied, this high to the high of a sudden feeling to the origin is very painful. read more

write soft Wen, show off

has not written the soft language for a long time, today does not write. Come up and complain. I registered the account at the beginning of February. Written before and after 7 soft text. Today, because the mood is really bad. Come up, ADMIN5, look. Generally I’m in a bad mood. I love to come here. I’ve got my account number, and I found that the click rate of some articles is ok. By the way, the next reason, what problems I like to find the reason, to Baidu search, and found that I wrote the soft Wen has been many websites reprint. Here I will tell you why to ADMIN5 to send soft text. Have noticed that everyone knows, in Admin5 hair article, one day you can be included. There’s another point. There are so many people reprinted here. Reprinted more people means that you write the soft text is not only in the webmaster network publicity, and some other web site will help you publicity, we can see I have written 7. read more

Baidu ranking instability

I am a webmaster novice, learning to do stand less than a year, learning SEO optimization less than half a year, deeply understand the hardships as a webmaster. Sour, sweet, bitter, hot salty has basically experienced personal sorrow and joy, today the website is running a little experience About Baidu ranking is not stable to write, hope predecessors advice. Good point said that Baidu natural ranking problems sometimes subject to changing moods. Baidu’s natural rankings are often full of jumps and instabilities. Let’s not do not know how it is. Today, tomorrow may be ranked third, ranked 100 in the future, even maybe even keyword ranking shadow also can not find? Really do not understand what is the reason? Here I stood in the garden she ( as an example, after I feel the following points. read more

How does the weight change after the website changes the template

I was a technician, usually responsible for the background integration company website, is to do the task in their spare time, build a website to earn advertising fees, but recently involved in the optimization and the promotion of the site, there is no way ah, to the basic necessities of life, and love his girlfriend, this is not nonsense. Here’s how I analyze website template to how Baidu is right down to.


is your own website experience, but the time of the analysis, if done on the website, some people think that is done in the guise of advertising, this paper does not involve my website information, intended for the novice webmaster can find problems, analyze problems, and solve the problem of read more

How many websites do unscrupulous hosts place on a server

, let’s see how many web sites

unscrupulous hosts put on a server

himself is not a word, but I’m really shocked by what happened today,

, I accidentally opened my web site’s MSSQL database,

looked at the database on my server using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 to convert the original database into MSSQL

who knows, open it and frighten me,


has 412 databases on the same server, which is what is known as "cheap, premium space"

I was buying 100 bucks, and in that case, the server could earn 41200 read more

Did your server open the S80 port

, I am the webmaster of Chinese medicine network. I have been a portal for two years. I have also shared many local portal experiences with A5. I continue to share experience with A5 on this platform today. This site I did from 2009, using 3 servers, but only third times with the server open the iis80 port, and see the effect of less than the intention, the following to share with you.

IIS80 port open means that as long as the domain name to the IP you can access this website to you, some domestic service providers also forced the closure of 80 port, the closure is not disabled, not let you use port 80, but add a domain name on the IIS site to add a 80 port to do domain name only bind to any one of the 80, such as below: read more

Longan Ministry of filing for verification of weapon

After the new

filing policy is tried (remember, just trial, not formal), there are different opinions on the network. For the new policy implementation plan: site for I carry the required documents, the original verification materials to access service unit for the record site for verification procedures. The access service unit collects and maintains the color front bareheaded photos of the head of the website (electronic photo specification: 800× 600 pixels) at the record site of the unit. The record center shall uniformly produce and provide a screen with the logo as the background of the photograph, and the photo shall show the time and background mark of the photo. read more

500 yuan seed users, beautiful said how to do that promotion

profile: beautiful, the standard color of the website is determined to be rose powder. The team thought for a long time, since it is necessary to make vertical social services for women, they must drive men out and let them in. For this reason, both blue and green are excluded from the alternatives. Finally, the selected rose powder was once ridiculed by peers or not…

beauty is the leading female fashion sharing community in the country. It was founded in November 2009 by Xu Yirong in Beijing, Zhongguancun. Before starting his career, he had a bright background: an undergraduate at Peking University, a master of Standford, and an engineer at IBM Morton research center. Love for data mining and based on Internet technology, after returning to Xu Yirong founded RSS online reading service "zhuaxia net", but due to the high quality of the reading needs of ordinary users to high estimates, zhuaxia network development is not smooth, closed in 2009 and sold to the bean. read more