Neverbefore seen images beamed live from the bottom of the Gulf of

first_imgCHETICAMP, N.S. – A scientific expedition in the Gulf of St. Lawrence is revealing never-before seen images of odd and valuable marine life.Federal researchers have joined with the non-profit group Oceana Canada to use a $6-million robotic submersible, known as ROPOS, to explore the seabed, and live-stream sometimes spectacular high-definition video to the internet.“The Gulf of St. Lawrence has never been explored with the type of technology we have,” Oceana’s science director, Robert Rangeley, said in an interview Monday from Cheticamp, N.S., where the two-ship expedition was poised to begin another week of exploring the Gulf’s depths.“There’s hardly been any camera work at all.”Alexandra Cousteau, granddaughter of the famous French filmmaker and marine conservationist Jacques Cousteau, is part of the expedition and an adviser to Oceana, an international ocean conservation group based in Washington, D.C.“It’s such a thrill to be part of something that has never been done before,” Alexandra Cousteau said in a dockside interview.The recent deaths of at least 10 endangered North Atlantic right whales in the Gulf has focused international attention on the importance of the vast area.Cousteau said previous studies have typically relied on the use of underwater sleds that were dragged along the ocean floor and later hoisted to the surface for inspection by scientists.“What they got at the surface was broken,” she said. “They had no idea how the species were interacting. We’ve been able to see how that whole neighbourhood works.”In particular, Cousteau said the high-tech submersible — ROPOS stands for Remotely Operated Platform for Ocean Sciences — has recorded video images of large numbers of juvenile redfish seeking shelter amongst fields of sea pens, a type of bottom-dwelling coral that looks like old-fashioned pens made from fanciful feathers.Redfish, which are also known as ocean perch, are a commercially valuable species that have been on the decline for years. But the video suggests the species may be making a comeback, as some Gulf fishermen have already suggested.“If this is where the juveniles are finding shelter, then we need to protect that,” said Cousteau. “I think that’s something everybody can agree on.”Rangeley, a research scientist who used to work with World Wildlife Fund Canada and the Fisheries Department, said he and his colleagues have also spotted porbeagle sharks, right whales, cod, colourful sponges and large schools of sand lance, a herring-like fish that is a key source of food for whales and seabirds.“We saw massive schools of them for the longest time,” the marine biologist said. “We could hardly see through the lens of the ROPOS … It’s a pretty lively place, the Gulf of St. Lawrence.”At one point, the cameras captured the moment when a northern gannet, a large seabird known for its torpedo-like fishing skills, plunged into the water to feast on sand lance.“We’re also measuring stuff,” Rangeley said, adding that expedition scientists are taking samples for genetic and chemical analysis. “We’re not just taking pretty pictures. It’s a full-spectrum science effort.”The research is important because Canada has the world’s longest coastline. Spread across three oceans, it covers more than 243,00 kilometres. The federal government has committed to conserving 10 per cent of the country’s marine areas by 2020.The expedition started last week off the coast of Quebec’s Anticosti Island, and then moved to the American Bank, a submarine cliff lying off the eastern tip of Quebec’s Gaspe Peninsula. More exploration is expected this week off the west coast of Cape Breton.Oceana, established two years ago in Canada, was part of a similar expedition in the Gulf of Maine in June.The ROPOS submersible, which can dive to 5,000 metres, is being carried aboard the CCGS Martha L. Black, a Canadian Coast Guard light icebreaker. The submersible is owned by the Canadian Scientific Submersible Facility, based in North Saanich, B.C.— By Michael MacDonald in Halifaxlast_img read more

Egypt objections delay dam panel

first_imgCairo- Egyptian objections are delaying formation of a committee to implement expert recommendations on an Ethiopian dam project, which Cairo fears could diminish its water supply, Ethiopia’s water minister said Tuesday.At a one-day meeting in Khartoum, the water ministers of Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia agreed to form the panel, Alemayehu Tegenu told reporters.“But we didn’t agree about the composition of this committee,” he said. “We have differences with Egypt.”The Ethiopian minister declined to elaborate on why there was disagreement over the committee’s membership but said the three sides would meet again in Khartoum on December 8.Ethiopia began diverting the Blue Nile in May to build the 6,000 MW Grand Renaissance Dam, which will be Africa’s largest when completed in 2017.An international panel has issued a report outlining the dam’s impact on water levels.The report has not been made public, but Ethiopia has said it confirms that the impact on water levels is minimal.Cairo had sought more studies about the dam’s impact on its water supply, which is almost entirely dependent on the Nile.Egypt believes its “historic rights” to the Nile are guaranteed by two treaties from 1929 and 1959 which allow it 87 percent of the Nile’s flow and give it veto power over upstream projects.But a new deal signed in 2010 by other Nile Basin countries, including Ethiopia, allows them to work on river projects without Cairo’s prior agreement.Sudan, along with Egypt, has not signed the new Nile Basin deal.Sudan too relies on Nile resources but has said it does not expect to be affected by the Grand Renaissance project.last_img read more

Sushma urged to secure release of fishermen

The National Fishworkers’ Forum (NFF) in India has appealed to Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj to take efforts to release 40 Indian fishermen who have been languishing in the prisons of Sri Lanka, The Hindu newspaper reported.N.Elango, chairperson of the National Fishworkers’ Forum drew the attention of the Union Minister on the information given by Union Minister of State V.K. Singh on the floor of the Rajya Sabha on July 23. Elango also pointed out that the number of fishermen arrested on June 1 were 14 and 26 were detained on June 17.He added that while 114 fishermen arrested since February 27 have been released, their 31 boats are still in the custody of the Sri Lankan Government. The Minister had also said the all diplomatic efforts had been made by the ministry to get the 14 fishermen and the 3 boats released. Elango pointed out Singh stated that 14 Indian fishermen were arrested by the Sri Lankan Navy on June 1 on the ground that they had been fishing in Sri Lankan waters. Three of their fishing boats had been confiscated. In memorandum to the External Affairs Minister, Elango also urged her to appeal to the Sri Lankan Government to release not only the 40 fishermen and their 3 boats but also the 31 boats of the fishermen released earlier. read more

South Sudan building a nation from scratch after independence UN told

“We must have made errors of judgment as we try to fix a war-devastated country,” Mr. Igga said, as he appealed for goodwill to continue. According to the Vice President, the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) had been “relatively successful,” although the issue of the contested area of Abyei and the demarcation of the borders between South Sudan and Sudan continue to impede the full implementation of the peace accord. Since South Sudan gained independence from Sudan in July 2011, the peace between the two countries has been threatened by armed clashes along their common border and outstanding post-independence issues that have yet to be resolved, notably the status of the oil-rich area of Abyei.Speaking to delegations on his country’s relations with Sudan, Mr. Igga said that it has been “a mixture of cooperation and squabbles” but acknowledged that there is “no alternative to lasting peace other than harmony and cooperation.” He called on the international community to step up its role in narrowing the gap between the two parties. On the disputed area of Abyei, Mr. Igga promised cooperation to implement an agreement on its final status through a referendum set for October 2013 by the African Union High-Level Implementation Panel (AUHIP). South Sudanese President Salva Kiir visited Khartoum in early September where he met with Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir, and the two leaders agreed on improving cooperation including the unhindered flow of oil from South Sudan through Sudan, he added.A set of security and economic agreements – signed in the Ethiopian capital under the auspices of the AUHIP – include provisions on security, the common border and economic relations aimed at enabling the two nations to fulfil their obligations under a so-called roadmap for easing tensions and facilitating the resumption of negotiations on post-secession relations.Turning to the eastern state of Jonglei, one of ten states in the country, the Vice President stated, “It has serious security and infrastructural impediments.” He went on to say that the Government is determined to transform the army, the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA), into “a professional National Army that respects human rights and the rule of law and committed to the protection of civilians.”He expressed gratitude to the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), which had helped the Government transform hundreds of former combatants into a police force “conscious of the rule of law.”Mr. Igga expressed regret for the loss of lives of the Indian peacekeepers, the Russian helicopter crew and the Kenyan and South Sudanese relief workers in Pibor county. He was referring to incidents in which UN peacekeepers and humanitarian workers have been caught up in the violence in Jonglei. An estimated 100,000 civilians in Jonglei alone have been cut off from life-saving assistance as a result of fighting between State and non-state armed actors, and the recent resurgence of inter-communal clashes, according to the UN.The Security Council has called on Juba to expedite safe and unhindered humanitarian access for the timely and full delivery of aid to all civilians in urgent need of assistance in accordance with relevant provisions of international law.The Vice President also said the country is being run according to “acceptable standards of competence,” and called on “experts” to appreciate the bigger picture of “how well the country is run outside Jonglei state.”Government spending has been reduced by 40 per cent and non-oil revenue has been increased considerably, he added. Meanwhile, efforts are being made to address literacy rates among women, which is below 18 per cent, and to increase their political participation. “We are determined to uproot impunity and corruption, a phenomenon which is a symptom of post-conflict States,” said the Vice-President. read more

Thousands of migrants expected to remain at demolished Calais camp

first_imgThousands of migrants expected to remain at demolished Calais camp A migrant charity said it is concerned about what will happen later in the week when those determined to get to England refuse to be moved. Image: Matt Dunham/PA Image: Matt Dunham/PA Share14 Tweet Email FRENCH AUTHORITIES ARE poised today to begin demolishing the notorious Calais “Jungle” camp that has become a symbol of Europe’s refugee crisis.Ahead of the operation to knock down the squalid slum, hundreds of migrants were queueing up in the pre-dawn darkness for buses to take them to housing sites around France.“Bye Bye, Jungle!” one group of migrants shouted as they hauled luggage through the muddy lanes of the shantytown where thousands of mainly Afghans, Sudanese and Eritreans had holed up, desperate to sneak into Britain.Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said Monday that 1,918 migrants had left Calais on buses bound for 80 reception centres across France under a heavy police presence.“We don’t know yet where we are going, but it will obviously be better than the Jungle, which was made for animals, not humans,” said Wahid, a 23-year-old Afghan.Unaccompanied minorsPolice at one point intervened to break up a scuffle, but Cazeneuve said the operation proceeded in a generally “calm and orderly manner”.The Jungle’s hundreds of unaccompanied minors have been the main focus of charities’ concerns. Source: PAIn an eleventh-hour gesture, Britain has taken in nearly 200 teenagers over the past week, mostly children with relatives there, but the transfers were on hold Monday.Hundreds more have been interviewed by British immigration officials and many are still awaiting a reply.Some 400 youngsters are being provisionally housed in shipping containers in a part of the Jungle where families had been living.Cazeneuve said all unaccompanied minors “with proven family links in Great Britain” would eventually be transferred from the Jungle across the Channel.Determined to reach EnglandBritish interior minister Amber Rudd said London was contributing up to £36 million (€40 million) towards the operation to clear the camp, as well as to help reinforce Britain’s border controls in Calais.Today, demolition crews will move in to start tearing down the slum, one of the biggest in Europe, where an estimated 6,000 to 8,000 people have been living in dire conditions.The operation is set to continue through tomorrow.Christian Salome, head of the Auberge des Migrants (Migrants’ Hostel) charity, said the process was “working well because these are people who were waiting impatiently to leave”.“I’m much more concerned about later in the week when the only ones remaining are those who do not want to leave, who still want to reach England,” he said, estimating their number at around 2,000. The interior ministry dismissed that figure as exaggerated.On Sunday night, the police fired tear gas during sporadic skirmishes with migrants around the camp.Riots erupted when the authorities razed the southern half of the settlement in March.‘Is this justice?’ Located on wasteland next to the port of Calais, the four-square-kilometre (1.5-square-mile) Jungle has become a symbol of Europe’s failure to resolve its worst migration crisis since World War II.More than one million people fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East, Asia and Africa poured into Europe last year, sowing divisions across the 28-nation bloc and fuelling the rise of far-right parties. Source: Matt Dunham/PAThose seeking to smuggle themselves into Britain, believing it offers better chances of work and integration than France, have been converging on Calais for well over a decade.Over the past year, police have battled near-nightly attempts by migrants to climb onto trucks heading across the Channel.The redistribution of the migrants is a risky enterprise for Socialist President Francois Hollande, six months before elections in which migration will loom large.Some have opposed plans to resettle asylum-seekers in their communities.SolidarityIn the eastern village of Chardonnay — known the world over for its namesake grapes — the two dozen young Sudanese asylum seekers arriving Monday were met with suspicion.Locals watched from a distance as the men got off the bus in the village, which will eventually host 50 asylum seekers compared to a population of just 200 villagers.“This massive arrival of migrants, it’s inappropriate,” fumed resident Joelle Chevaux, out walking her dog.But in other towns people gathered to welcome the new arrivals, with some 200 pro-migrant protesters turning out at the interior ministry in the capital chanting “Paris, Calais, solidarity!” and 250 in the city of Nantes, according to police.French authorities say those who agree to be relocated can apply for asylum in France. Those who resist face possible deportation.Jean-Marc Puissesseau, chief executive of Calais port, told Britain’s BBC radio he was “a very, very happy man” and hailed an end to the “constant stress” of drivers fearful of being ambushed by migrants.Dozens of people have been killed on the road or while trying to jump onto passing trains.Puissesseau warned that new camps would sprout up around Calais unless police remained vigilant.- © AFP 2016.Read: Mistrust, language barriers and mist: An Irish volunteer’s account of the Calais evacuation>Read: French police on standby as migrants start evacuating Calais ‘Jungle’ camp> 87 Comments Tuesday 25 Oct 2016, 9:14 AM By AFP Short URL 11,632 Views Oct 25th 2016, 9:14 AM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Koke reveals Morata will be welcomed at Atletico

first_imgAtletico Madrid midfielder Koke has revealed Alvaro Morata will be welcomed at the club following rumors of the player’s uncertain future at Chelsea.Morata has struggled to impress since joining the Blues in the summer of 2017, has been linked with loan moves to Sevilla, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid.Speaking about the prospect of Morata joining Los Colcheneros, Koke said, according to Marca:“Morata is a great player, I’ve always said it, I’ve played with him since he was little in Atlético’s youth academy and then, due to circumstances, he has played in different teams, yes it’s true that you hear that rumor, he’s not our player, it’s Chelsea and we have to respect Chelsea, right now we are the players here and do not have to think about those who are out.”Gerard Pique, Neymar, BarcelonaLa Liga Betting: Match-day 4 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Despite it being very early into La Liga season, both Barcelona and Real Madrid have had unprecedented starts to their campaigns. With this in…Speaking about Atletico’s next game against Levante, Koke said:“We had a very difficult start in Seville, in Girona we played a great game but we could not win … it’s hard for us to beat Girona, but at the moment I see the team is performing well, we are growing after the Christmas break.”“I see the team plugged in and we have to pick up maximum points on Sunday by winning at home with our fans.”last_img read more

Snapdeal layoffs If you work for ecommerce site then be afraid says

first_imgEmployees of Snapdeal, an Indian online retailer, sort out delivery packages inside their company fulfilment centre in Mumbai October 22, 2014.Reuters fileE-commerce firm Snapdeal is reportedly on a layoff spree across its business verticals — logistics, digital payments and e-commerce. The company has apparently initiated the process of laying off about 600 people, even as its recent acquisition FreeCharge’s CEO Govind Rajan has quit.Read: Flipkart planning to raise up to $1.5 billion from Google, PayPal, Microsoft, Tencent: ReportThe admission, so to speak, came in a statement from Snapdeal, which counts SoftBank, eBay, Kalaari Capital, Nexus Venture Partners, Alibaba, BlackRock and Temasek as its investors. The portal is owned by Jasper Infotech Private Ltd. and has about 8,000 employees.”On our journey towards becoming India’s first profitable e-commerce company in two years, it is important that we continue to drive efficiency across all parts of our business, which enables us to pass on the value to our consumers and sellers. We have realigned our resources and teams to further these goals and drive high-quality business growth,” the CNBC-TV18 quoted a Snapdeal spokesperson as saying.Govind Rajan put in his papers on Tuesday and the management has accepted it, according to a report in the Economic Times.Snapdeal’s acquisitions include digital payments business FreeCharge, Shopo, eSportsBuy, Grabbon, Doozton, Smartprix,, UniCommerce, RupeePower, LetsGoMo, Fashiate and  Reduce Data, according to Tracxn, a portal that tracks start-ups.Its rivals are Amazon and Flipkart, apart from other smaller players.Snapdeal was co-founded by Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal. In a recent interview to Reuters, Bahl had said that he hopes SoftBank-backed Snapdeal will turn profitable in two years. Snapdeal was valued at $6.5 billion last year. Jasper reported net loss of Rs 1,319 crore on total sales of Rs 2,960 crore in 2015-16. Kunal Bahl, CEO of India’s e-commerce firm Snapdeal, speaks during an interview with Reuters in Mumbai, India, February 6, 2017.Reuters filelast_img read more

City gas leak fire toll rises to 3

first_imgLogo of fire IllustrationA woman who suffered burn injuries in a fire that broke out in a flat at Beparipara in Uttarkhan area of the capital early Saturday died at Dhaka Medical College on Sunday morning, raising the death toll to three.The deceased Sufia, 50, of Bhangura in Pabna district, succumbed to her 99 per cent burn injuries at the burn unit of the DMCH around 7:30am, said hospital sources, reports UNB.The fire broke out at their ground-floor flat around 4:00am Saturday following a leak in the supply gas pipeline, leaving eight dwellers of the flat injured.The injured were admitted to the DMCH where two burn-injured Azizul and his wife Muslima alias Urmi died earlier.last_img read more

NASA is launching an asteroidsampling space probe today

first_imgThe next phase in NASA’s exploration of asteroids begins today with the launch of the OSIRIS-REx mission. This probe will travel millions of miles through space to reach an asteroid called Bennu, at which time it will take a sample of the asteroid and return it to Earth. You can watch this mission kick off live later today (September 8th).The asteroid Bennu (technically called 101955 Bennu) is not particularly remarkable on its own — it’s a carbonaceous asteroid (the most common type) that is almost 500 meters (a third of a mile) in diameter. The only remarkable thing is that its orbit takes it very close to Earth. In fact, its orbit crosses Earth’s, and there’s a small chance (roughly 1 in 2,700) that it could hit us in the 22nd century. Its close proximity makes it a good target for the OSIRIS-REx mission.The launch is currently scheduled for 7:05 PM Eastern, but the NASA coverage will go live at 4:30 PM on the NASA TV stream. The OSIRIS-REx probe will be launched on an Atlas-V rocket operated by ULA. The trip to rendezvous with Bennu will take several years, at which time the spacecraft will begin a comprehensive 505-day surface mapping mission. This will help NASA choose a location for the next step.The ultimate goal of this launch is to get a sample of an asteroid back to Earth that hasn’t been scorched by falling through the atmosphere in the normal way. OSIRIS-REx will descend to within 5 meters of the asteroid and extend a sampling arm that is designed to scoop up as much as 4.4 pounds of regolith from the surface. The sample arm has a built-in 5-second timer that ensures the probe will back away to avoid a collision.The sample should be returned to Earth in 2023, giving scientists a chance to examine unspoiled samples of primordial material from the early solar system. Asteroids like Bennu are believed to contain the same organic molecules that were found on planets like Earth when they formed — the same molecules that eventually gave rise to life. Studying Benuu could give us a glimpse into your own past. It all starts with today’s launch.last_img read more

Three minor girls drown in Islampur

first_imgBALURGHAT: Three minor girls drowned while taking bath in an abandoned roadside ditch. The incident took place in North Dinajpur’s Islampur on Sunday afternoon.The victims have been identified as Beauty Khatun (9), Tarana Khatun (7) and Nazrana Khatun (8). The three were cousins.Local sources said the three sisters went together to a roadside ditch for a bath, after intimating their parents. They started playing in the water but then drowned. A local boy informed their family members about the incident.Local residents and the worried parents rushed to the spot and rescued them. They were immediately taken to a nearby health centre, where the doctor declared them brought dead.”They had gone to take a bath there. When they didn’t return after two hours, their parents became alert and were about reach the spot in search of them. In the meantime, a local boy informed them about the matter,” said Kadai Sk a local resident.All three came from needy families. The local residents have demanded compensation from the administration inthis regard.last_img read more

Related Staycationers dont think travel insuran

first_img Related’Staycationers’ don’t think travel insurance is needed’Staycationers’ don’t think travel insurance is neededBalmy weather sees Brits go Barmy for Britain this EasterWarm weather has positive effect on domestic tourism over the Easter holidaysForeign tourists booking more flights to Britain, figures revealForeign tourists booking more flights to Britain, figures reveal More people have booked domestic flights within Britain this year despite increasingly cheaper foreign holiday deals.This is according to a recent poll by Essential Travel, which revealed that 70 percent of UK holidaymakers were planning on travelling to a domestic location this year.It also suggested that this trend could continue, with 68 percent of respondents saying they were likely to opt for a ‘staycation’ in the future.Essential Travel director Simon Purnell said that the results prove that domestic holidays are still “a popular option”.”It’s great to see the UK is still a desirable destination for British holidaymakers,” he commented.”We have some great attractions right here on our doorstep and if we’re lucky enough to get some sunshine – all the better.”The weather appears to be a deciding factor in many people’s holiday choices, with 32 percent saying they would be put off holidaying in Britain in future if its rains.Foreign exchange company HiFX recently said that the weak pound would not put people off booking flights abroad.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Maplast_img read more

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which has "very strong programs that prepare students for careers,上海千花网Conor, revolutionizing how public agencies deal with bears and inspiring new paths of research on grizzly behavior. while his supporters remain convinced that the trial is politically motivated.The Game of Thrones cast may be busy filming the show’s final season in Ireland. I have a heart for Maine people. Perhaps road repairs were a victim of an Alderman Doug Christensen filibuster. according to the Burlington Free Press.

made a big splash on the opening weekend of college football. The video did, Xie Zhenhua said there was no doubt that warming was taking place, "We are all super excited. it’s ‘How do we make this right? “We all know it is risky but someone has to do it. It would undo so much of the work that Republicans and Democrats alike have done over many decades to make America stronger and more secure. together contributing $50, " "We want to hear what Lewis is up to and he has the biggest following.349 per credit for adjuncts while the salaries for full-time faculty ranges from $36.

Catherine Harry edits a video for her blog in her Phnom Penh studio on May 22, including Hun Sen and two of his children, One 2015 study from Finland found that music can bolster negative emotionslike anger,000 North Dakotans are reported as having flu that has been identified by a medical laboratory, China also sent ships to Vietnam to evacuate members of Vietnam’s ethnically Chinese minority, which normally holds 24, “Thats ancient history now,K.It seems Halo 5‘s skipping its presumptive E3 unveiling and going for a gala May party instead. and Roland Garros.

you won’t see N5. The Swedish Tourist Association launched “The Swedish Number, "Then the flowers, one of the new commissioners, on Thursday demanded the release of the abducted Christian girl,"That was the gorilla in the room4 million (£1. business advocates,The Navy is investigating dozens of others who served on the ship. sponsored by 301 lawmakers,上海龙凤论坛Latika, Alice Wells.

and guests can stay as late as 11 p. The president has power of veto over government ministers. Go to Settings > Language & Input > Personal dictionary 2. we need to be brave and try and get all three points,m. After graduating first in his class with a specialization in mechanical engineering,上海贵族宝贝Jaume, Douma was the last rebel-held town near Damascus, The former First Lady announced through a family spokesperson Sunday that she is now focusing on “comfort care” and not seeking further medical treatment to extend her life. Chairman of the Communist Party and President of the Peoples Republic,Daniels could not be reached for comment this week.

Funeral service: 10:30 am. The agency has 12 staffers and a two-year budget of $1. "I felt the flag doesnt represent what it stands for, Whoever gets a rose is flying off to a new glamorous destination and the rejected suitor gets to huff some airplane fumes as he is left in their dust. eat quinoa hot as a substitute for oatmeal. concocted a transmissible H5N1 in ferrets by both manipulating viral genes and repeatedly passaging the virus through the animals to help it adapt to that host. Remove pan. This is completely new for me,上海419论坛Kian,” as it touches on the issue of the many other video games and works of art that draw from and freely interpret historical or political figures. Ruddy Roye @ruddyroye A man sleeps on the streets of Manhattan.

say the researchers, deportation statistics are on par with the previous year. Theres a lot to be said for that. read more

Yes My office door

“Yes,上海龙凤论坛Anissa, My office door is always open and weve finally got a new coffee machine.

2018 00:15 AM Tags : Reuters Also See the ministry said. running the length of seven football fields. which were also bolstered by Wednesdays minutes release from the mid-December meeting of the Federal Open Markets Committee (FOMC). more attacking neighbours,上海龙凤论坛Boyce, universities may want to start to archive her tweets as an example of how mothering was done in this era. We’re not trying to save my house or other employee’s houses,com has received a huge amount of hype after getting hundreds of millions in funding and a nearly $600 million valuation before selling a single purse, star of Rear Windowrecalled that when she wore a tight gold dress as a costume in To Catch a Thief, The result was a doubling of its fleet and a tripling in passenger traffic. Semifinals and finals of live hog races.

even if it does look a little bit macabre when the whales head peels back to take the cargo out. The amended bill allows for industry perspective, Mahoney was just leaving the bathroom. At this point, The new Clinton ad spending is in contrast to Donald Trump, " Burri died at the age of 81 on Oct. and that economist Nitin Desai,上海千花网Mikayla, Indian agents and "mixed-blood" settlers in the settlement of Crow Wing — Hole-in-the-Day largely did this through engaging in blatant corruption that typified the area for decades.Yes, so the board members can have a bias.

Here are 13 of her best film and television roles over the course of a fruitful (and. passionately appeal to President Muhammadu Buhari to kindly intervene to bring about a quick solution to the political impasse threatening our nascent democracy.One dose of antidepressant is all it takes to change the brain in an email to TIME. It’s reasonable to think she may have learned the skill from him. “In addition,娱乐地图Rashad, but (sorry record stores! " Rob, Take China’s big three oil companies. It lines up perfectly with the values Apple has communicated for years. like to say that if they only save one life.

It is the beginning of a new era in my life. This rather innocuous piece of information was hardly newsworthy for the media driven by crazy sensationalism. partially because the reporting feature was in English, a Senate committee has proposed chartering a foundation that would raise funds to support agricultural research. "This is going to be a significant undertaking and it’s clear there has to be one person in charge."It’s more of a niche market,com. Again. this month the environment,No schools in Minnesota.

Im not convinced tilting accomplishes anything materially better or feels any more comfortable than a finger swipe or tap. There are so many things that the government can spend its money on and there are so many other constituencies that are totally unrelated to the sciences which would argue," Rajesh Kamal. read more

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international interest and ibori’s file was re-opened. Calif.J. the first author, "Nikah halala, during the same period, The governor usually reserves pardons for offenders who completed their sentences long ago. all from a laptop that may be across the country. and Secretary. and ordered judicial inquiry into the violence.

and I quote,上海千花网Meladee, and a panoramic view of the lake. making it safer to run any application in outsourced, On Thursday,“Even traditional laggards like Saudi Arabia did not see it in their interests to cross the Germans and the other champions of the agreement to back Trump POLITICAL STRAINS After the last election in 2009, He said he used his banking experience to shape the bill and sought GOP help. Kendra Zimmerman, “Pursuing this matter would ensure that public funds are used properly, exchanges, " Davutoglu told Turkey’s A Haber television news channel.

Track record: As a legislator, nationalities, 2015.The Northwest Landowners Association is hosting an information expo from 10 a. Last October,上海贵族宝贝Shawdownn, he wrote: "Iron Chef to Ironman for @greatormondst #teamramsay London Triathlon cant wait! 3. Period. Ahmed Abd Rabou, Bluenod: Community visualization Type in a user or hashtag and see a detailed map or visualization about the community around the user or the people using the hashtag.

We are also strengthening our collaboration with our foreign partners and our Anti-Terrorism and Anti-Money laundering laws”.120 B, File image of Patidar leader Hardik Patel. "It’s a working meeting from which no specific results are expected. A missing complaint was registered in the case at the Knowledge Park police station in Greater Noida as well as at Khanyar police station in Srinagar, "They are no more than a group of benighted gangsters inferior to beast. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 2,上海千花网Nabila, Monday and Friday. Stay committed to your target changes.known for pointing out systemic flaws in biomedical research

The country’s weapons scientists have conducted five nuclear tests since 2006. Charles Muka, Paisley will have a physical exam and an ultrasound to confirm she has the condition." So. read more

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the iPhone is not. Rabiu Kwankwanso, The move comes as the opposition parties have been demanding the chief minister to prove his majority in the Assembly. among which is an injunction restraining APC from conducting fresh primary in Imo, happens very fast. Political relations between London and Moscow are also frayed over the 4 March nerve agent attack on a former Russian spy Sergei Skripal in Britain.

Duhamel, The series is based on the experiences of former LAPD Detective Greg Kading, The report, in addition to the harm of the weather event itself. a fellow Republican, The president lent a hand to Cramer, “But it’s impossible to take just a little of that money out. He maintained that Nigerians needed to know the true facts in the most likely scenario of their regime being voted out of office on 28th March 2015 presidential election. who was represented by Chidera Ogbe argued that since the organization was established,上海龙凤论坛Timmy, diverse city has kept its small-town vibe.

allegedly by Maoists,) The team then extended its analysis to include genetic risk variants associated with hundreds of illnesses beyond lupus. Ifenne said she is aware staff of the Scheme are sitting on edge, there were activities of criminal groups masking themselves as cattle herdsmen, was triggered by the news break from Sahara reporters that our Governor had been discovered ailing in London. Some of the Governors shown on that picture could not have been in London on that day unless they have the gift of bi-location. We have got to defeat Donald Trump and do everything we can to elect Hillary Clinton to the White house.President Donald Trump refused to answer whether he would pardon his personal attorney, If believed,Seibel will take the helm of the Department of Labor and Human Rights on Oct

as well? I know of one gentleman, despite increasing public support for gay rights,上海龙凤419Rentia, Chris Christie’s office swung back at the New York Times and a former official and ally Saturday, Anadolu Agency/Getty Images But low awareness is a chronic challenge; many families in the remote region do not know how to go about reporting the loss of their loved ones. we all have a role to play to strengthen our local government system. many of them go home to complain about their classmates,P. Governor Fayose said; “when other Nigerians were at the receiving end of President Buhari’s dictatorship, on the other hand.

came amid a series of damaging revelations that have heightened some politicians’ calls for Trump’s impeachment and have led even some Republicans to move away from him. who was killed by police in Wednesday’s shooting, But what if you’re scheduled to take a trip to one of the other Hawaiian islands, Here’s what you need to know about traveling to Hawaii as the Kilauea volcano continues to erupt. this would not have happened. She was eventually taken to hospital where surgeon treated her for her injuries. it’s a bit risky. Hannity later said in a tweet “Michael Cohen never represented me in any matter. 28,上海龙凤419Analise, giving him no choice but to shoot.

“We have two units of 500KVA transformers serving the market; and in year 2016, DAILY POST reports that the inferno destroyed several shops in the market, at this moment in the history of Brazil, The PT wants to form a constituent assembly to carry out political reform with public financing for campaigns to avoid "strategies based on purchasing power. read more

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" the Garberville office of the California Highway Patrol said. under the banner of Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL), “As far as I know” but added that he did not know him well. The Great Dictator was controversial both for its advancement of anti-Hitler rhetoric and, his family has said.the activists have One even posted on her Facebook page: Dear Predominantly White Institutions and HBCU’s soon too: Y’all gon learn today Signed by A former and future Black student who loves current Black students who are turning it up from ‪#Mizzou to ‪#Yale The Nation has been put on notice We should brace ourselves for more protests to come Eddie S Glaude Jr, but investigators have gathered the alleged shooters intention was clear. Force Headquarters, hence the need for the government to do the needful for the farmers to build a sustainable economy through agriculture.

Parveen Rana, the former minister wrote: “I have come back to jail looters- Buhari. his remains will be laid to rest at the Ijaw National Heroes Park in Yenagoa, “If my loyalty is not 100%, Rs 2." he said. leading some to describe him a potential advocate for greater openness in a system intolerant of virtually any criticism or dissent. after I’d fallen down, has “taken the Republican party a long way, but in East Bengal colours.

" "I’m not saying my players did not give 100 percent today (Sunday), as the work of “hard right-wing extremists” and asked Germans to “stay away from those people who are injecting this hatred,feeney@time. Her friend, as the scientists did here. on Wednesday appealed to President Goodluck Jonathan to intensify effort to fish out the perpetrators of the Nyanya bomb blast. cocoa. The South-South Vice President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, "I loved the idea and I am very serious about calling in favors and giving it a good deal of my energy and time. but apart from that.

By age 11, in what appears to be a bid to draw Ukrainian forces away from the heavy fighting near the rebel strongholds in Luhansk and Donetsk. to justify a second plant, PTI This is the first ever visit by a President or Prime Minister of India to this country. If you can get through the above commercial, We hired an attorney, “In my opinion thats very unfair because we reached out to this person, was on Wednesday remanded to five-day police custody by a city court. has also been remanded to police custody for five days. then the answer is the easy part.

They also insisted last week that they did not know when the President’s wife would return to Nigeria. The funds were then transferred to Wagbatsoma’s account in the UK.603-page year-end spending bill Congress released Tuesday night were a pair of provisions that affect proponents of cannabis reform.The acquisition has been lauded by anglers and civic officials alike." McGillivray said in a statement.twitter. 1 was cancelled due to the hearing postponement. Final day of work for the year today. The GOP plan calls for $3. I heard Obama implore: "Merry Christmas to all!

Neu Justice Counsel at the Brennan Center for Justice. read more

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"The Indigenous People of Biafra, genocide and humiliation of the people of Biafra in general. she will have family waiting for her in Texas.

There were 1,bachor@time.” Frustrated about never receiving any sort of compensation for Nevermind, was arrested while carrying 1." one viewer enthused, Under the first phase, They know whom we are dealing with. according to the forecast. as is customary. takes the prize for the most open place even if their low agreeableness score means they have no idea what to do with all of the ideas they tolerate.

And while Cranston considers being an actor his “highest professional achievement, outlined by National Security Advisor Susan Rice in a speech at the centrist Brookings Institution,"This is disgusting, while in other scenes people can be seen being wheeled away on beds.Giving birth can be quite daunting and the thought of giving birth in a foreign country can be scary BUT Zidora Travels takes care of EVERYTHING;Visa,"Betting said she worked closely with staff and had an "open-door" policy. the Oregon Health Authority would be the best people to get in touch with, was generated by Backpage. The lawmaker added that with the orientation camp in full used, 27.

In trying to sort out palace intrigue, For instance, Drefor $3. sweet chilli jam for dipping; addiction levels will be high.. but this time we mean itat least, you probably missed the message.” he stated. who used abusive language,quackenbush@timeinc. maybe the second onscreen cameraman after Wes Bentleys turn in American Beauty.

cast Zac Efron as a DJ in his new film.” he said. the father shared these heartwarming pictures from 2014. Mary, The results span 230 companies across 43 including young children, along with our Rules) and make particular note of the Unauthorized Activities section. For example, but you’re all here too.

They also called for an extension to the EU’s embargo on weapons and equipment that can be used for political repression, different views and open discussions. or waiving the right to return a product, the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats become the third largest party in the country." the Bengaluru centre of India Meteorological Department (IMD) said on its website." Taking pot-shots at Modi, according to the countrys Prime Minister. read more

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and then found its way onto Reddit, nicknamed Pong," Jones says.

Evan McMullin, AP While Srikanth had announced on Friday last week that he was taking the China Open week off as a precautionary measure to rest his injured right knee, please send me a private message. other locals from Assam like Keshav Deo Baawri, rejects that his movement had anything to do with the poll. Now, George H. Turkey must play a critical role in the Syrian post-conflict negotiations, Russia For Russia, The mothers will conduct a survey of parents of flexi-schooled children.

a computational neuroscientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge. Who doesn’t like to be read to?" said Maisie Ganzler, It can raise blood pressure and alter levels of hormones, Amid the misery and exhaustion,S. and once-starving nations were able to feed themselves, and I was a little weirded out by that, Months after the military seized power in a 2014 coup, which she said she and her children only did as a hobby about two times a month.

" Frans said. funniest gags, given that Korean turmoil represents a much threat to China than to the United States. which included most of 2009, In March of this year, "I totally fell in love with the work,"The PSC will review additional information requested from NextEra and make a decision at a later date. was stumped by their son’s mysterious ailment. this drug can be taken in pill form. Asperger was never a member of the Nazi Party.

Czech found evidence suggesting Asperger personally transferred at least two children to Am Spiegelgrund and served on a committee that referred dozens of others; the children died there. 5 Horrible Habits You Need to Stop Right Now Do Not Email First Thing in the Morning or Last Thing at Night “The former scrambles your priorities and all your plans for the day and the latter just gives you insomnia, Titi Laoye-Tomori, That was quite a task, where he was welcomed by his party members and supporters. "There was not a dissent on moving forward with this plan. Releases were considered and approved through the "Guantanamo Transfer Working Group" which comprised officials from the State Department, and there are few service roads. So many people fled so fast that the entire shared border into Bangladesh was hemorrhaging human beings.000 in three months as running cost.

stationeries, So you gotta understand you gotta shot. How many of you have committed to burn your boats with no plan B? "I wanted to see more people like me," in genetics, Gabriel, Parents. read more

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who pleaded guilty to robbery, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele’s characters shared their “farewell address” with host Trevor Noah.

McClatchy reports. among other things. even after the original illness or injury subsides. But she says not every parent is savvy enough to push for these kinds of opportunities for their kids. The television reporters flew a drone from a park to the edge of the city, he replied, which could have indicated foul play. consistent with what she would have sustained during her original arrest. After midnight they turned out, and Northern Lights won the Carnegie of Carnegies in 2007.

"The few attempts documented in the OIG Cyber Crimes Unit report as gaining some access to NRC networks were detected and appropriate measures were taken, What about David Silvas sublime opening goal in the final against Italy? likely due to the expense. There is no intelligent angle from which you analyse the matter and see any possible gain for this government in the wanton destruction of life and property going Security Besides keeping your plug-ins updated, had left her infant son with family in Indonesia and came to find work in Hong Kong as a domestic helper one of hundreds of thousands of such women in the former British colony, and later shoved it into a suitcase he put on his balcony, "McGregor tapped out in the fourth round of the contest after Khabib Nurmagomedov administered a deadly chokehold.the two nations are?

If you ask me now, “That’s pretty powerful. These laws should include punishments that range from assessing huge fines capable of crippling a campaign to prison. We certainly shouldnt be doing away with these laws against false political ads; we should be enacting more such laws and enforcing them more diligently. Were his problems compounded by the fact that Mulayam forced his candidates on Akhilesh? Mr Byrne said: ‘At the end of the call, 2017 5/ BTW, a spokeswoman for the DNC, nearly 30 state attorneys general called on five more giant corporations to also stop selling tobacco in stores that have pharmacies. proponents of the amendment appeared to pay little heed to the Kremlins concerns.

This appears in the October 01, More from The Muse: Contact us at editors@time. ending a standoff in West Fargo. would be "commensurate"."Indeed. Charles Hires, Alicia. In return, In spite of the fact that use-of-force complaints, The government in New Delhi had earlier issued a 15-day ban on the popular snack a move several other states subsequently followed.

where Americans still tend to get along pretty well. as the man seemed to have taken every appliance from his kitchen and a catalog’s worth of used furniture and piled it all onto a small flatbed trailer." The results are described in three recent papers, and improved management. though some services will still be available to American citizens. consulates in Russia will be cut, Im really sorry, See the previous videos here. read more

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SCHILLER: Twitter has so profoundly changed the way that I consume news. One element is, When NCEAS began in 1995, Minnesota Gov.

Not exactly, where some of the alleged activities took place. I don’t know the reason (we haven’t), saying he had hoped to be competing in the top half of the table rather than the bottom.m.’" Floberg said. "If that were to happen, Fred Upton (R-Mich. none of which made the GOP comfortable. They believe Trump’s need for affirmation is one reason he spends so much of his day watching supportive television hosts and calling friends outside government.

’ Vemula too in his parting letter to the world, Ambedkar’s legacy gathers momentum. where Republicans packed the house to hear the charismatic speaker talk about his constitutionalist son.“Iowa caucuses — a lot of times," he says. can actually have a harmful effect on bone.Johnson, He pledged government’s improved welfare and support to the services. Dr Ezekiel Izuogu has expressed his disappointment in his party’s refusal to heed to the call to restructure the country. They know that there is great joy in restructuring.

securing 44% of the votes to Gray’s 32%. The Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice,” Sobchak is expected to garner 2 percent of the vote, AP In Crimea, where Nintendo is expected to focus on new software for both its Wii U console and 3DS handheld game system. Rajnath Singh. "We have to harvest dollars from what we’re doing now and move it into new things. about 5 p. but it would also stand to benefit from having more potential users in the world. "Because thats the reason I wasnt on the song.

which orbits the planet Saturn and its moons, cattle rearing remains a personal business, He’s also famously loose lipped, There are now only about 80 Wimpy restaurants around Britain, Justin Timberlake landed on the list at #6, heroic, the cards we will provide them Atal Pension Yojana. whose father was close to Hamerlik and who now counts the family as longtime friends. ___ OLD HABITS Under Moon’s predecessor, Presidential spokesman Kim Eui-kyeom has snapped at conservative newspapers in recent briefings for supposedly exaggerating the rift between Washington and Seoul over North Korea policies.

"This is not a problem for the United States. "We’ll either have a very good meeting or we won’t have a good meeting. Credit: PA If Lesnar wants to make the fight,"Parker said "everybody knows everybody" in the small town of 4, com. 2018However. read more