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first_imgGo back to the e-newsletterOne of the enduring trends which the travel experts at Abercrombie & Kent continue to identify year after year is multigenerational travel. This comes in many forms. Whether the motivation is to celebrate a special milestone or simply to reconnect away from everyday life, multigenerational travel means sharing life-changing experiences with loved ones.For A&K, this means handcrafting a journey to suit every family dynamic. It may comprise three generations travelling together – grandparents, parents and children – or simply grandparents with one or more grandchildren or a mother and son combination. The possibilities are endless but the end goal the same.One of the most popular ways A&K brings travelling families together is on a curated luxury African safari. Exciting, educational and also relaxing, a safari is guaranteed to deliver lifelong memories for people of all ages: watching children when a herd of elephants emerges from the African bush or spotting hippo midstream from a canoe, marvelling at a pride of lion on the prowl or a Maasai beading workshop. It’s the rare opportunity of getting out in the open air, appreciating nature and witnessing the circle of life. Lodgings come in a variety of shapes and sizes: there are under-canvas options for that Out of Africa safari experience, well-thought-out lodges and villas with all the expected conveniences and there are even safari houseboats for something different.For families with young children, A&K recommends Europe or Southeast Asia. Those willing to travel long-haul to a destination like Italy are rewarded by a rich culture, the best family hotels and villas with all the trimmings, swimming pools and restaurants to suit plus an endless array of activities guaranteed to excite, from gladiator school and pizza-making to mask-making and gelato tastings.Closer to home, A&K pinpoints Vietnam as one of its best family destinations and most economical. It has great diversity from bustling cities and beaches to the mountainous interior and the watery wonderland of the Mekong Delta. There are ancient ruins to explore, country trails and villages to bicycle around, street food tours by scooter, spring roll making for would-be chefs and silk lantern workshops for young creatives. Accommodation is diverse from luxury resort stays by the beach to well-appointed city hotels and a private junk on Halong Bay.Cruises are also popular for multigenerational get-togethers and some of the most rewarding are polar expeditions. These are once-in-a-lifetime journeys to some of the most remote and pristine parts of the planet. They are full of educational experiences and unforgettable wildlife encounters. On A&K’s Antarctic expeditions, guests travel on board the chartered luxury small ship Le Lyrial which has a limited capacity of 199 passengers. The ecosystem of Antarctica is unfathomable. Explored by a lucky few, it is the last true wilderness with vast icebergs, towering mountains, glaciers and geothermal beaches, all providing a backdrop for a huge variety of marine and bird life that cannot be experienced anywhere else on the planet. On each journey, A&K’s expedition team includes award-winning research scientists, habitat conservationists, wildlife photographers and historians who deliver enriching lectures and top-notch guidance on twice-daily Zodiac excursions. Plus, for younger travellers, A&K’s young explorer’s program conducts educational workshops like knot tying, photography, squid dissection, bridge visits and wildlife identification plus a souvenir scrapbook created for each child as a memento of the trip.One of the important elements of a multigenerational holiday which A&K travellers have identified is the wish to impart social awareness to the next generation. It’s a desire to leave the planet in a better shape than it was found, respecting cultural differences, protecting the environment, providing health care, empowering the disadvantaged, ensuring access to education and encouraging economic advancement. A&K Philanthropy has a commitment to all these things and manages over 30 different projects worldwide which A&K guests have the opportunity to visit and see firsthand how lives are being positively impacted.For example, travellers on safari in Zambia are invited to visit Nakatindi Village near Victoria Falls where AKP has initiated projects that include constructing boreholes for clean water, building a medical clinic and maternity ward, expanding the school’s vegetable garden to generate income and supplement children’s diets, building a new classroom block, introducing a school lunch program and establishing a village bike shop and bike tour enterprise run by local women. Time spent in the village with the community and taking a bike ride around the area is a rewarding part of any visit.Families travelling with A&K to Cambodia’s Angkor temples have the opportunity to see the impact AKP has had in the construction of wells for clean water. More than 1200 wells have been installed, bringing fresh, bacteria-free water to more than 20,000 people. Not only does the clean water improve sanitation and health, it is also used to irrigate farm plots and water domestic livestock, helping to improve livelihoods as well. A&K guests will meet a family who has benefited from the installation of a well and witness firsthand the impact that clean water has on their lives.In India, AKP supports Hansraj Children’s Home in Udaipur where 100 orphaned and underprivileged girls are provided with free education, books, accommodation, meals and clothes. Families visiting Udaipur with A&K have the opportunity to visit the school and connect with the students and teachers, an uplifting experience for all concerned.Here is a small sample of what A&K offers for multigenerational travellers:A&K’s 11-day ‘Family Adventure in Southern Africa’Price from AU$37,165 for a family of fourA&K’s eight-day ‘A Family Adventure in Italy’Price from AU$13,995 per adultPrice from AU$5795 per childPrice is based on two adults and two children under 12A&K’s 12-day ‘A Family Adventure in Vietnam’Price from AU$6520 per adultPrice from AU$4520 per childPrice is based on two adults and two children under 12A&K’s six-day ‘Family Adventure to Middle-Earth’Price from AU$8990 per personA&K’s 17-day ‘Antarctica, the Falkland Islands & South Georgia’22 December 2018 – 7 January 2019Prices from US$17,995 per adult (bookings by 31 March 2018)Prices from US$10,995 per child (seven—18) sharing with an adultGo back to the e-newsletterlast_img read more

Selling Cloud Solutions 3 Ways to Educate Your Buyer

first_imgTailoring the Cloud Computing Message to Resonate With Your Prospects Image courtesy of CloudIt. NetWhat are the Business Perceptions of the Cloud? Some Thoughts Based on My Customer InterviewsSince I’ve joined OpenView I’ve had the opportunity to speak to Managers of IT and decision makers across several industries and get their input on the Cloud. For this post I wanted to present some key findings from these calls and offer up some suggestions for how to best educate your customers on how the Cloud can work for them. When it comes to selling cloud solutions, it pays to bring the conversation down to earth.3 Ways to Educate Your Buyers by Bringing the Cloud Down to Earth1) Provide Concrete, Practical Examples of the Cloud in ActionThe most popular comment I have come across by far has been, “I hear about the Cloud all the time, but how does it relate to my business, specifically?” The key insight here is that businesses are sold on the Cloud as as the “next big thing,” but they are left wanting for details. Customers need to be educated on how the Cloud works for their business in practice. If you are designing content, highlight case studies on how the Cloud (whether it be a SaaS product or infrastructure) has benefited your clients, and express tangible results.2) Produce Industry-Specific MessagingEach industry has specific pain points that can range from reducing costs and industry-driven technology purchases to compliance issues, so it is important to tailor your pitch, content, and sales presentations to each industry. It is also important to factor in the importance of industry regulation (ex: HIPAA for Healthcare and FINRA/Dodd Frank for Financial Services firms). If you are pitching to a highly regulated industry, be sure to do some research to find out what laws and regulations apply to the companies you are targeting. In the Professional Services (consulting, market research, etc.) sector, they may not be bound by direct state or federal regulations, but their clients often are. During my time in consulting, our firms were subject to compliance audits from our clients and there were very specific guidelines we had to follow regarding their data.3) Create Content Targeted to Typical Cloud Buyer PersonasEach decision maker has a distinct set of needs and potential objections. While we have many blog posts on buyer personas, I want to pass along some quick thoughts on who they are for cloud solutions and what their objections typically are:IT directors are often concerned about maintaining ownership of the data and implications of a SaaS application failure. They are worried about risk, integrating with their existing infrastructure, and minimizing the workload on their teams.CTO/CIOs take a longer range, more strategic view of the business. They want to see how your application/solution adds value to the bottom line. They place value on being seen as a strategic adviser to the broader business. How does your solution help them achieve their strategic vision?CFOs unsurprisingly are concerned with the bottom line. “What is this going to cost and what will I get from it?”The best advice I can offer is that prospects need to be educated on how your solution is applicable to them, how it will add value, and how it will fit into their strategic goals. Of course, it’s always important to understand the specific needs and pain points of each prospect to best position yourself to make the sale. Are you selling cloud services/solutions? What tips, opportunities, and challenges would you add to this post?AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterShare to PrintPrintShare to EmailEmailShare to MoreAddThislast_img read more